Apple Announced the Fall Event…What to Expect.

Apple Announced the Fall Event...What to Expect.

Apple Announced the Fall Event…What to Expect. 


Apple has officially set a date for its online event: October 13th, 10 am, PDT.

 Anytime Apple announces an event, the invitation sent always contains a hidden meaning and foreshadows what to expect at the event. 

The main message in the invitation below reads “Hi, Speed.” This is possibly the most explicit message they could have given here, and it could be referring to a few elements.

Many leakers believe this year Apple is introducing 5G, so this message could be a nod to that. However, it could be a nod to the new fast chip, the A14, which we saw in the new iPad Air. Rumors pointed to a 120hz rapid refresh rate display; however, many sources believe Apple abandoned that, but you could say it refers to this if you reach. 

The circle in the middle with the Apple logo, I believe, references the unreleased product, the AirTag. AirTags are supposed to work as Bluetooth tracking devices that you can tag onto items, like keys and wallets, to ensure products’ locations at all times.

 They will most likely contain a little pouch to sit in and clip onto a key ring. 

Not much is known about it, but for now, just rumors. 

We see blue and orange being the most prevalent colors in this invite, and it could be a nod to new colors coming to the iPhone. We have already seen an original midnight blue with the Apple Watch Series 6, which makes sense. 

If you wanted to dive deep into this, you could point out how there are four rings. Why four? I think it could have to do with the camera set up on the iPhone 11 Pro. There was a telephoto, complete, and ultrawide set-up, and it is rumored this year the iPhone will be getting LiDAR, like on the iPad Pro.

LiDAR stands for light detection and ranging. It could be used to improve AR and provide better depth perception, thereby enhancing shots taken with the main three cameras.

Customers don’t know if the iPhone is ready for LiDAR this year, so the other explanation would be a new camera. 

The event will be a big one for people looking at upgrading to a new phone, and we may see other new things like AirTags.  

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