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What Makes Solebury Orchards So Popular?

What Makes Solebury Orchards So Popular?
October 30, 2020

There are many things synonymous with autumn's arrival: colored leaves, spiced drinks, carved pumpkins. One thing that accompanies the change of seasons is the bombardment of Solebury Orchards on Instagram. Every...

Apple Announced the Fall Event…What to Expect.

Apple Announced the Fall Event...What to Expect.
October 7, 2020

Apple Announced the Fall Event...What to Expect.    Apple has officially set a date for its online event: October 13th, 10 am, PDT.  Anytime Apple announces an event, the invitation sent always...

When Nerdy Meets Nummies

When Nerdy Meets Nummies
April 4, 2019

At the corner of West Butler Avenue and Main Street, a grand, white Victorian building stands. To the residents of Chalfont, this aged building is most notably known to hold the restaurant Borghi’s Bar...

Top 6 Underrated Artists You Need to Listen to Right Now

Top 6 Underrated Artists You Need to Listen to Right Now
April 22, 2018

Many people listen to some of the same artists every day. Artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry have millions of fans, sold out shows and paparazzi following them everywhere they go....

Even Stranger Things

January 25, 2018

*Spoiler Warning* In 2016, a strange, new Netflix series was released and became overwhelmingly popular. On October 27th of 2017, an even more stranger season took the world by storm. Yes, this show...

The Golden Ghoul Awards

November 16, 2017
Gather your best friends, popcorn, candy, and a bunch of blankets to watch the best Halloween movies of all time. Here is a list of my top 5 favorites!

The Daily Veg

Blue Sage in Southampton, PA
February 25, 2017
Many of my vegan and vegetarian friends often find themselves in the same position. We need some variety in our lives! And I’m here to tell you the best places to grab a somewhat healthy and delicious vegetarian meal.

Psychology and Mexican Eats

The interior of a Moe's Southwest Grill location
January 21, 2017
Whether it be Moe’s or Chipotle, one thing is for sure: food is food. And everyone loves food.

Sports: What Are They?

Sports: What Are They?
January 20, 2017
“I mean, like, why not?” asked Hindenburg in 1944 when asked about his plans to make sports competitive. “Sports are fun, but how can we make them more fun?”

Chance the Rapper: Coloring Book

Chance the Rapper: Coloring Book
January 12, 2017
There isn’t a song on this mixtape you need to skip. Each track is different, but that’s what makes Coloring Book so exciting; you get a taste of everything and anything you’re looking for.

Gucci Mane’s Woptober Takeover

Gucci Mane’s Woptober Takeover
January 5, 2017
Old rappers have been overwhelmed by the new boys in the game, but Gucci Mane proves that the old still have the ability to show up the new guys.

American Football LP2 Album Review

American Football LP2 Album Review
January 4, 2017
The new album, American Football LP2, is approached with the same honestly and tender emotion the band channeled many years ago.
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