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2019-2020 Staff

Jason Chen


Jason is a senior at CB South. At South, he is involved in the mural club, newspaper, and National Honor Society. Outside of school, he volunteers as a junior firefighter. He enjoys drawing, painting, pl...

Hannah Feldman


Hannah is a senior at CB South; she loves writing, drawing, and eating good food. As well as writing for the Titan Tribune, she participates in Black vs. Blue as an art caption for the Blue Surfers! W...

Ashley Corso

Assistant Editor

 Ashley Corso is a junior at Central Bucks High School South. Ashley loves to free write, she writes for Titan Tribune and her local community newspaper. Ashley's favorite activity is to watch th...

Shane Landis

Staff Writer

Shane is a junior at Central Bucks South. He enjoys playing curling, has a pet chinchilla, and likes to write. Aside from the hours of homework he does each night, Shane is in National Honors Society,...

Alan Liu

Staff Writer

Alan is a senior and track and field athlete. Out of school, Alan enjoys basketball, fishing and track. He is a also interested in herping (the catching of reptiles and amphibians).

Ananya Siragavarapu

Staff Writer

Ananya Siragavarapu is currently a sophomore at CB South. She participates in various clubs aside from Titan Tribune, including HOSA, Diversity Club, OEG, and the Cancer Livestrong Society. She loves music...

Allison Shin

Staff Writer

Allison Shin is a sophomore at CB South. She loves writing, reading, drawing, watching anime, and listening to Kpop. At South she participates in Chamber Strings, Operation Eternal Gratitude, Livestrong, the...

Ellie Goldberg

Staff Writer

Ellie is a junior at CB South. She loves to play softball, tennis, and gymnastics. Ellie is also a part of Titans Connect at South and loves working with kids during the summer as she is a camp counsel...

Jake Martin

Staff Writer

Jake is a Sophomore at CB South. He is best known for being a Patriots fan who grew up in Northeast Philly. He tries to be funny so please, for his self-esteem, laugh at some of his jokes. He uses social...

Holly Mirales

Staff Writer

Holly is a sophomore at CB South. She enjoys hiking, reading, writing, and traveling. Holly volunteers at the Mercer Museum over the summer and is a wildlife ambassador. She participates in Red Cross club,...

Adil Parikh

Staff Writer

Adil is a senior at CB South. Besides writing for Titan Tribune, Adil enjoys playing basketball with his friends and playing video games. He also volunteers at the Warminster Library and works at a senior l...

Jonathan Sim

Jonathan is a sophomore at CB South. Outside of school, he enjoys running, writing, photography, and playing and watching sports. Additionally, he participates in HOSA, chem club, and Titan Tribune at...

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