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Is Conan Gray’s Sophomore Album Worth a Listen?

Is Conan Grays Sophomore Album Worth a Listen?

In 2022, Conan Gray released his sophomore album, Superache. Superache is an album based on the experiences that Conan has had with love. The Superache album comes after Kid Krow, released in 2020, and is followed by Found Heaven, his most recent album, released in 2024. 

In the song “Jigsaw,” there are a couple mentions of self-harm. However, the rest of the album is free of this topic. 

Conan Gray’s music explores both platonic and romantic love. However, Conan also talks about the lack of love he has received from his family. In the song “Family Line” he sings, “And wonder what I did to deserve this/How could you hurt a little kid?”

Conan Gray’s songs radiate hurt and pain in a beautiful way. He shows the different types of pain one person can go through in his many songs and leaves his lyrics up for interpretation. 

Although, in multiple interviews Conan has said that he has never been in a relationship before, his songs are based on a mix of a few things: how he believes love would feel, imaginary situations, along with heartbreak that he had endured before a relationship could occur. 

In the song “Footnote” Conan sings, “We’re perfect together, but I’ll never be/The one.” In these lyrics, Conan took a simple sentence and added complexity to it by inserting a line break to highlight the phrase “The one.” He does this in many of his songs to bring attention to a particular lyric, adding a certain density to his music that is unique and evocative.

The first music that Conan released was an episode called Sunset Season. In this episode, he spoke of his past friendships and childhood along with a mix of love. However, with his switch into albums has also come a greater focus on the aspects of love, only having one or two songs per album relating to his childhood.

The order in which you listen to Conan’s episodes and albums does not matter. If you only want to listen to one album, that is completely fine too. There is no information in prior albums to Superache that dictate how you interpret the lyrics on Superache

I think that Conan Gray’s music is best for, but not limited to, teenagers and young adults that enjoy music under the genre of indie pop. If you enjoy artists like Gracie Abrams or Harry Styles, you may like Conan Gray as well.

This album is extremely well written, and Conan Gray leaves a lot of room for the interpretation of his lyrics. His song lyrics and the beat behind his music are both especially catchy and easy to get stuck in your head. 

Superache is an album that truly deserves a five-star rating. 



Length: 40 minutes

Rating: Explicit

Availability: Any music streaming platform

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