Empanada Mama: One Delicious Doylestown Destination!


With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to spread into 2021, takeout has become a regular part of our day-to-day lives to quench our Friday night pizza cravings, munch on Super Bowl buffalo wings, or celebrate a socially distanced birthday party. 

Takeout is paramount to the continued success of your favorite restaurants.

With all the delicious spots in Doylestown, it is easy to give in to the yummy temptations of supporting these businesses with seemingly limitless variety in flavor and culture.

If you are looking for something savory or sweet, loaded with carbs, and fresh out of the oven, then Empanada Mama is the restaurant for you!

Owner Kendall Bajek is the “Empanada Mama” and got this title from her unique take on empanadas learned from her six months of living in Argentina, known for its famous take on the tasty pastry amongst many other countries. 

According to a post by Bucks County Taste, Bajek spent six months in Argentina spending time with her friends in the kitchen and learning to make empanadas.

As a result, a baked, flakey crust was developed. 

This light dough allows you to eat plenty – they are hot and creatively filled with new options available every week with seasonal and standard flavors ranging from delectable vegetarian and meat options to delicious desserts such as the raspberry cheesecake empanada!

There are plenty of homemade dipping sauces offered, too, with their menu updated weekly on their website: http://www.yoemama.com.

If you want to order takeout, you can either call or walk up to the store and place your order. 

You cannot go inside, but there is a takeout window at the door where you will be handed your food.

The next time you are thinking about ordering takeout, try the raspberry cheesecake empanada for yourself or discover all the other delicious Doylestown destinations.