New Year, New Me: The Most Common New Years Resolutions

It’s the most exciting part of the New Year: the New Years Resolution. Almost everybody has one, but with New Years right around the corner, what are some of the most common ones?

  1. Vowing to exercise more
  2. Organizing more
  3. Learn new hobby
  4. Save money / make a budget
  5. Spend more time with family / friends

New Years Resolutions are one of the most important aspects of the new year, as you are setting a goal for yourself that will improve or better your overall well being. Unfortunately, however, it is estimated that 43% of New Years Resolutions fail before the month of February hits. If you have a New Years Resolution, it is often easy to forget about it, especially when you are loaded with work tasks or school assignments. However, when executed, New Years Resolutions are the most valuable gifts to a new you in a new year.

With 2023 approaching, what’s your resolution going to be?