Welcome Back, South!


Welcome Back, South!

To the classes of 2021, 2022, and 2023: welcome back to Central Bucks High School South!

At the start of each year, we hope for a year of success, a year to create new relationships, and a year of engaging education. The beginning of the school year means new opportunities to join clubs, take an interest in new classes, and complete yet another year of hard work and perseverance.

This year, we take on a new challenge; we have been presented with an opportunity to all be optimists. During times when we cannot be in school physically, I urge every student and teacher to make the most of virtual learning and seek out new, innovative ideas for learning online.

This year let us show the community that CB South is strong, that CB South does not back down when times get hard, and that CB South is a family.

Seeking out unique learning approaches can be fun, and it can make for yet another fantastic school year.

Titan Tribune will be a constant in times of uncertainty; through all the changes that our community goes through, Titan Tribune will always be present.  We look for more writers and photographers, and we are searching for students who are desirous to share their voices with the community.

This year, I hope we all set goals for ourselves.

This year, I wish every student, teacher, and community member health, safety, and happiness.

Never forget, “Once a Titan, always a Titan.”