Meet Some of the New Teachers at South This School Year

It’s no shock to say that this year has been crazy. COVID-19 has affected not only personal lives but the education of students across the world. While school has not been the hands-on learning experience it usually is, these less than ideal circumstances have not stopped a number of new teachers from starting their journeys here at South.

There were an abundance of new teachers that joined the South community this year. Many of these teachers anticipate a full return to school next year and are excited to be able to get into a more normal learning environment in which COvID-19 restrictions are less pressuring for students and staff members alike.

Mr. Price, a health and wellness teacher who teaches multiple fitness and health courses, is just one of the new teachers who started working during the 2020-2021 school year. Like the other new teachers this year, Mr. Price was very interested in working here at South. Although he could not find a job at South during the summer, he was later offered a position a few weeks before the school year started.

Mr. Price took the job because it was “where he wanted to be.” He officially started working here during October and so far, “absolutely loves it,” and although the year has been different to say the least, it has forced Mr. Price to be more creative and flexible.

Being new to the school and environment, Mr. Price says he has thoroughly enjoyed working with the students here and says they are all “intrinsically motivated.” He also loves his new co-workers and thinks they are another part of what makes him so fond of the community South has built.

Outside of school, Mr. Price loves to take part in many hobbies such as cross fit. He has been interested in health and wellness since his sophomore year of high school and also has taken part in multiple enjoyable mission trips. Because of his own physical health experiences, Mr. Price says he knew that working with the younger population was what he wanted to do.

As invested in his job as he is, Mr. Price says his goal as a teacher moving forward is to “to give kids a community and environment which fosters a sense of social wellness and also the ability to connect and work towards common goals.”

Mr. Price is ecstatic to be at South and looks forward to future school years as we continue to work towards normalcy and learn in a more hands on setting.

Sophia Cannella, a sophomore who previously had Mr. Price as a PE teacher, says “even though we could not work out and do all the hands-on activities because of Covid-19, Mr. Price made every class interesting and always had a great attitude.” She also explained that Mr. Price is “definitely an awesome teacher for those who enjoy health and fitness.”

Another new teacher, Mackenzie O’Brien, the new global gourmet and young child teacher, is yet another new teacher who has grown a passion for working here. O’Brien, who is also the sophomore class advisor, says South has a “very wonderful administration,” and has felt extremely welcomed by the CB South community.

Like Mr. Price, Ms. O’Brien loves working with the students and says, “it’s like having 200 some co-workers because coming to school every day and getting to talk to all of my students is really so much fun.” She really enjoys how social her job is and often finds herself being able to have great conversations and connections with her students.

Ms. O’Brien loves to cook, run, and play with her dog in her free time. Her love for cooking makes her excited to be able to cook in school with her classes and be able to make those fun memories with her students in the future.

Expanding her department within the school is her goal for herself because she said she thinks her classes display, “important life skills.”

Allia Aboulenein, a sophomore and current student of Ms. O’Brien says, “her class is always very welcoming and encouraging.” She also says she enjoys Ms. O’Brien’s young child class because its “super interesting and has taught [her] a lot of new things.”

If you’re interested in the English department here at South, make sure to keep a heads up for Mr. Tomlinson! David Tomlinson is yet another one of the many new teachers this year. He has been teaching 10th grade English this year and he says “[he] enjoys English because we get to have a lot of good conversations about important things.”

Mr. Tomlinson says he became a teacher because of his passion and talent towards English and was interested in an English-focused job. So far, he says he has really enjoyed his time at South, conveying that he has felt overwhelming support from his colleagues and is invigorated by the “togetherness” that South holds.

A coveted aspect of Mr. Tomlinson’s teaching is the relationships he develops with his students how they evolve throughout the extent of their time in the roles of teacher and student.

One of Mr. Tomlinson’s goals is to “encourage various attributes and characteristics like creativity, authenticity, and excellence.” Not only does he want students to apply these “core qualities,” in class but in the real world as well. To be able to write well is another goal of Mr. Tomlinson’s because he believes that when students write well, they are able to express themselves well too.

Along with a strong passion for English, nature is something Mr. Tomlinson is very fond of and says he is very into hiking, kayaking, and overall adventuring.

Kelli Robertson, a former student of Mr. Tomlinson who is currently a sophomore at South, says “Mr. Tomlinson made my 10th grade English class very enjoyable and did a great job teaching even with all the obstacles COVID-19 threw our way.”

Mr. Price, Ms. O’Brien, and Mr. Tomlinson are just three of the many new teachers that began working at South this year, and they are all grateful for South’s warm, welcoming community.