GSA Club Returns to CB South

GSA Club Returns to CB South

GSA is finally back at CB South after these past few crazy years. Co-Presidents, Seth Soderquist (He/They/She) and Molly Killough (She/Her), have already held the first two meetings and will continue to hold meetings every other Tuesday.

For those who do not know, GSA stands for Gay Straight Alliance. It is a club where everyone, regardless of sexuality, gender identity, or race, are accepted.

Although the club has already had the first two meetings, joining is still possible.  The meetings take place in room B208 after school and will typically be over around 3:30, but members are allowed to come and go as they please.

The club has only held informational meetings so far so not much has been missed. However, the more engaging meetings will begin soon so plan to be in attendance.

This Tuesday, October 12th, will be the movie night where we will be watching The Avengers(2012) and eating snacks that members have brought in.

The club will be holding pumpkin painting day ion October 26th. We will be painting Styrofoam pumpkins to encourage the Halloween spirit and foster interpersonal connections as a club. Plan to bring $5 to the senior house office to sign up to purchase all of the necessary items.

Before showing up to meetings events, please notify either Molly or Seth so they will know how many resources they will need to allocate for participants.

When considering joining the club, please remember to be respectful of one another as GSA is an accepting and positive community that supports all.

Hope to see you there!