What Titans Connect is like During Covid-19

Titans Connect is a club and a peer mentor group where students can get together and meet new friends in the library after school together and socialize. Many of the activities include board games, movies, arts and crafts, musical chairs, and many more.

Mrs. Wanczyk, a former teacher at Central Bucks South, taught an Autism support class and she started meetings and peer building with students in and outside of her class during 4th block with students who had early release. She wanted the students with early release to do socialization activities to get everyone up and moving.

The idea of Titans Connect modeled around the peer mentor group called Friends at Tamanend Middle School, which is still run by Mrs. Scheffey, one of the health and physical education teachers. The students from Tamanend would do lunch buddy groups and meetings after school so the students could get together and have a fun time.

Carly Kelley, the first president of Titans Connect helped create a prom for all the students so everyone could get together and have fun. The idea of Titans connects started after that prom in 2015.

The group of students in the club will usually be found with big smiles on their faces and having a good time. Mr. Pecic, the librarian at Central Bucks South who helps run the club said, “There are a lot of laughs and a lot of high fives.”

But during Covid-19 the members of the club had to come up with ideas to work around not having meetings in person. The Titans Connect meetings are now on Teams online once a month, like they were pre-Covid. On Teams everyone can still talk and play games like Charades, Guess Who, Trivia, and Pictionary.

The group is still interacting by asking questions to everyone in the group and having everyone explain their answers. Depending on the holiday that is going on during that month the theme is whatever the holiday is, and it revolves around the whole meeting.

At the end of the 2020 school year in June, the big core group of the club made and delivered cards to celebrate the ending of the school year and it was a chance to put a smile on everyone’s faces when they received their card.

Jimmy McGlinchey, a student at Central Bucks South and a member of Titans Connect, said “I like drawing SpongeBob and other cartoon characters while we play Pictionary on the computer whiteboard.”

Another member of Titans Connect, senior Alyssa Souder, said “I miss meeting with everyone in person, but it is still nice to see everyone.” When Alyssa thinks of Titans Connect, she said friendship is the first thing that comes to mind. She said, “I have met a lot of new friends and we all hang out and have a good time when we are all together.”

Alyssa said, “My favorite memory I had during Titans Connect was how at the start of the meetings we would all sing together.” At the Titans Connect meetings the group would start off by singing a song that Mr. Pecic introduced called, Dum Dum Dada. Jimmy also said that his favorite memory was singing at the beginning of the meetings.

Titans Connect is big on getting everyone included to have a great time together. Alyssa also said, “We are basically one big happy family even though we are not blood related.”

Other ideas the club had to work around Covid-19 was socially distancing outdoors. The members of the club are hanging out with each other and playing games outside socially distanced.

After Covid-19 is over Titans Connect is planning for everyone to meet once again in person in the library. Since the outdoor activities are going well right now, they are planning for more new outdoor activities for next year.

Mr. Pecic said, “The group focuses more on what we can do, not what we can’t do.” He added, “The number one thing I love about Titans Connect is there are so many incredible people and staff that it always makes my day.”