What Students Have to Say About CB South Electives

When students choose classes for their schedules, after selecting academic courses, they can choose from a variety of electives. CB South offers classes that usually last one marking period or one semester. These classes range from choir to woodshop to architectual design.

When asked what their favorite elective is and why, many students answered with “cooking.” This elective is taught by a couple different teachers and requires students to learn about different cultures and cook their own recipes.

There are two different cooking courses: American cuisine and global gourmet. When talking about cooking class with Mrs. Leaver, James Muhlberger, a CB South senior, said, “I always leave the class with a smile on my face.” Students in this class cook on almost a daily basis while simultaneously learning the history behind certain cuisines across America and also in other countries.

Shannon Flynn, also a senior at CB South, says that the same cooking class with Mrs. Leaver is “a fun class and less serious than other classes which is a relief.” She also added that “students tend to take electives that are a break from a more difficult schedule,” since the classes span a shorter amount of time and involve more hands on activity opposed to book work and studying.

On the other hand, some students at the school, specifically athletes, chose gym class to be their favorite elective. Two football players at South, senior Stefan Burrell and junior Josh Adams, said they like team sports and mentioned both Mr. Schaeffer and Mrs. Pullar to be notable teachers.

In addition to cooking classes, there are computer classes offered at South. Eric Checkowski, a CB South senior, said that his favorite class is digital imaging with Mrs. Kott because it’s a “relaxing class” and he gets to “use [his] imagination.” Digital imaging is a computer class that involves the use of cameras and the Photoshop software.

Other students answered with different gym classes, choir classes, or art classes. Kayla Diamond, a CB South senior, said “I like ceramics because I like working with clay.”

When asked what his favorite elective was, David Cochran, a CB South senior, answered with “architecture” and said that “Marmar is a cool guy.”

Most students take electives based on future career fields they eventually want to enter and their personal interests. There are available classes that are targeted at all subjects.

For those interested in communications, media production is a common pick. Mackenzie Harding, a CB South senior, said “it’s cool and you get to use the camera a lot.” Nicole Serban, also a senior at CB South, added that “it’s fun to be able to interview my classmates.”

Students answered the question of what their favorite electives are with a wide range of answers. The courses offered at CB South involved art, music, computers, and everything in between. Further information about the electives at CB South is offered by school counselors. Additionally, many academic teachers also run their own electives and can recommend their favorites.