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The Online Student Newspaper of Central Bucks High School South

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The Online Student Newspaper of Central Bucks High School South

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Decision 2024: Class of 2026 Presidential Candidates

Decision 2024: Class of 2026 Presidential Candidates

The president will take charge as the leader of the Class of 2026, and will be responsible for presiding over all meetings and coordinating amongst class officers. The president will also have to ensure that everyone on the student council does their job and oversee the creation of a class agenda for the school year. 

Incumbent President Max Jin is running for re-election against Shreejith Krishnamoorthy, who ran for vice president last year.  The two candidates will be facing off in the election for the presidency. Voting begins on Monday, June 3rd

Max Jin

Jin is coming out of his first term as 2026 class president and has big plans for South, again accompanied by the campaign slogan “Jin for the Win.” He has taken an active role in student council for some time now. Notably, he was the student council vice president at Tamanend Middle School. There are several events he aims to run next year and plans for how to achieve them.

One of his primary goals for the 2024-2025 school year will be “Restoring the Spirit of CB South,” a phrase which has been used throughout his campaign. If he is re-elected, Jin is hoping to use his position to re-energize South through the various plans he has for the coming year.

Jin’s qualifications do not end with student council. He is a student officer for Mini-Thon, an event which will be starting in the fall, partnering with Four Diamonds, a nonprofit organization, to raise funds for pediatric cancer. 

“I believe Mini-THON will be our chance of bringing back South’s spirit,” Jin explained.

He, along with two other students and PA representative Brian Munroe, recently co-authored and passed a legislative bill. According to Jin, he hopes to make real change at South as he did with this bill.

Jin also participates in a nonprofit organization outside of school called AAPIConnect, for which he is the Director of Media. AAPIConnect advocates for Asian American Pacific Islander’s rights and educates on their culture.

Jin stated, “This experience is an asset because I have formal advertising and marketing experience that I can utilize in student council to help advise our PR Officer and to improve our outreach plan which has admittedly been lacking.”

Some plans from Jin include bringing back CB South Fall Fest, Mini-Thon, more funding for clubs and activities, fundraising events, and a successful junior prom. Should he be re-elected, he will plan and schedule every detail in advance to ensure their success. In addition, he will also seek support and collaboration with all three grades’ student councils.

“In the past year, I’ve learned how to govern at CB South and what it takes to get things done here. We need to plan everything in advance to avoid having cancelled events,” said Jin, “Currently, our student council is also divided between three grades. This has been very messy. I will make sure we work more cohesively in the next year.” 

Jin also emphasizes that he wants to see real change at South. He is concerned with several issues, starting with unlocking the bathrooms. Bathrooms have started to be shut down and locked at Lunch and Learn, only a few open at a time. This results in long lines and general inconveniences. Jin would prioritize unlocking the bathrooms in his presidency.

Another tangible change Jin hopes to make possible is more seating at South. There are some places like the lobbies with plenty of seating, but the pods and the hallways do not have enough for the large population at South.

According to Jin, South is also lacking in involvement. He aims to overcome this issue through better spirit days, larger events, and more engaging pep rallies. Although these activities often do not have many students attending, he plans to change that by improving communication both with the student body and between grades.

Shreejith Krishnamoorthy:

Although Krishnamoorthy has not participated in student council since his time as vice president in elementary school, he is prepared to take on the task of junior class president in the coming year. He believes his skills in organization and connection with the student body will be fundamental to his role as president.

Krishnamoorthy has extensive experience in the Stem Research Club. His role in this club has allowed him to learn how to help people on his team and he has competed at state levels and beyond. He thinks these valuable skills will translate to his presidency and help him to make valuable contributions.

“I think that the role of president is to make sure everything runs smoothly for the next year and to organize events”, said Krishnamoorthy. “I think other than that there isn’t much that South needs to change.”

While the candidate does not have specific plans in mind at present time, he has also made it clear that he hopes to see real, positive results in his presidency.

Krishnamoorthy’s connection with the student body comes into play with the influence he says the Class of 2026 would have on his presidency. According to the candidate, he has very strong connections and relationships with the Class of 2026 and that will make him an effective president.

“I feel like I would represent their needs and their wishes further than most candidates would and I would gather a consensus of ideas to do what the people want.”

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