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The Online Student Newspaper of Central Bucks High School South

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The Online Student Newspaper of Central Bucks High School South

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Unified Track: The Sport that Evokes Happiness in All


Racing towards the finish line, she gives it her best. I can see from the starting line that she’s close, really close. Did she do it? Did she come in first? She did! My heart races and my veins are filled with pride as she turns around, flashing the biggest smile to the crowd. My best friend did it, and she did it despite challenges.

A sport filled with racing for first and throwing or jumping for points, Unified Track at South contains track and field events for all who wish to participate, especially students with disabilities. 

With the start of the season in March and the end in May, members are able to form strong bonds with special education students but work on their skills as well. 

Everyone on the team must participate in two events. One of running and one of a field event. The races that are offered are the one hundred meters (one fourth of the track), four hundred meters (one lap around track), and eight hundred meters (two laps around track). The field events include miniature javelin, shot put, and long jump. 

Members must choose, with advice from coaches, by the practice before the first meet, so the rosters can be set by the coaches. 

Relay positions are assigned by the coaches based on who they think would run best and strive to win. There are two 4 by 100 teams and two 4 by 400 teams that compete. 

Practices occur on every Monday and Thursday from 2:30 – 4: 15. The team is led by Head Coach Mattern, Coach Lake and Coach Wussler. Coach Lake focuses on training the 400 meter and 800 meter runners while Coach Wussler better helps the 100 meter runners. 

Drills rotate between practicing a designated full heat and alternating between sprinting, running, and jogging around a lap of the track. 

There are three to four meets in a season. Most will require leaving early from school to travel to competing schools. At a meet, the order will usually follow 100 meters first, followed by 400 meters, then 800 meters. Field events occur between the individual races and the relays. 

The real magic of Unified Track is the strength of friendships made between all students who participate. These friendships blossom out of encouragement and support for people who deal with disabilities. 

All of the special education students bring their hearts and souls into the sport, and all of their personalities thrive in the environment. These students influence all around them with their perseverance, kindness, and smiles. 

Becoming a part of this amazing team, I was able to experience happiness, pride, and kindness like no other. I have met some of the best people through helping them and building friendships. Seeing their faces light up after achieving a goal they work hard for everyday has been the best feeling I’ve ever known. It is truly a feeling I wish everyone could feel. 

This sport is open to anyone interested in helping out and becoming closer with special education students but for staying in shape as well. Students involved with Unified Track will learn about the strength of a team, dealing with difficulties, and be overcome with happiness through participation. 

Unified Track is one of the best sports to be involved with, not because of a record or based on the number of points gained, but because of the people you meet, the experience you have, and the person you will become. 

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