Fun Valentine’s Day Activities/Ideas


Valentine’s Day has finally arrived!

Some may be lying in bed watching Netflix; some may be spending the day with family; some may be spending the day with their loved ones. 

For some of us, the whole day we walk around the house and scroll mindlessly through Instagram, noticing the many lovey-dovey posts about people’s significant others. As we are scrolling through, a feeling of loneliness begins to unravel at the pit of our stomachs. Maybe I should I ask my friends to come over… but what could we do? 

I got you covered! Here are some exciting and safe activities you could do with your friends, your significant other, or just by yourself as we all need a little me time on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Star Gazing. You could drive your car during the sunset and park later in the evening to see the beautiful night sky—this a very therapeutic event that could be done with anyone. 
  2. Baking/Cooking Competition. This a great way to spark some friendly rivalry with your friends and family. Bake a dessert or cook a meal while competing within a time limit and at the end, serve your food to the host for a taste test. 
  3. Karaoke Night. Who does not love jamming out to some music? Set up a karaoke station and invite some friends over to sing off-key to your favorite songs. 
  4. Movie Marathon. Invite people over to binge-watch your favorite movies and tv shows. 
  5. Making Friendship Bracelets. I think the name says it all, but this is a great way to bond over your friendship. Making bracelets or other jewelry with your significant other would be a great way to bond, too. 
  6. Bake. Similar to the baking competition, but you don’t have to share the food. Bake a bunch of cookies and eat them all yourself!
  7. Create a Date Night Box. Pack a to-do list of events that you and your partner could do along with things needed to enjoy the events. You could also include some love letters or presents in the box and mail the box to your significant other. 
  8. Indoor Picnic. Pack a basket full of food that you could share with your love and dress up (if you want to). Lay a blanket in your living room or anywhere in the house and set up some candles or flowers. This is the perfect picnic date in the comfort of your home. 
  9. Have a Self-Care Day. We all need some time to recharge and relax. Get into a comfy bathrobe and put on a face mask. Maybe even hit the hot tub. 
  10. Draw Portraits of Each Other. Depending on your partner’s artistic ability, this could be hilarious or surprising. Your partner should sit opposite of the other. The person you are drawing should not be able to see the portrait you are creating.