Honest Movie Review of Pixar’s “Soul” (Spoiler-Free)


Quick disclaimer: this review will be spoiler-free!

This is a general review of Pixar’s movie, Soul

Going into this movie, it seems like any other Disney movie – an animated kids’ movie filled with laughs and a happy story. However, I feel like any Disney movie is like an onion with layers.

With this movie, as you peel away the layers, the inside tells a whole other story.  

Any teen or adult would enjoy this movie. 

It isn’t a movie that is too abstruse for kids – there are plenty of funny things also – but I think Soul has the right balance when it comes to inclusion.

The movie includes elements that would resonate with someone a little older or cause them to think deeply, but I know many younger kids who understood it too; there’s no age limitations.  

The animations in this movie are fabulous. This movie is the whole deal combined with fantastic music and utilizes sounds to invoke emotions and immerse you into the story.

I have already watched the movie a few times and still love it; I even get chills at points.

I have watched my fair share of movies in 2020, and Soul is up there in the top 3, and for the animated category, number 1. 

I’d recommend paying attention to how the characters evolve and their views on life change during the movie. 

I think this movie has substantial character development and is a must-see movie. The film is exclusively available on Disney+, Disney’s Netflix-like subscription.  

My overall rating: 9.1/10

 Trailer link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOsLIiBStEs