What Makes Solebury Orchards So Popular?


There are many things synonymous with autumn’s arrival: colored leaves, spiced drinks, carved pumpkins. One thing that accompanies the change of seasons is the bombardment of Solebury Orchards on Instagram.

Every year when the air gets crisper, the teenagers of Bucks County flock to the apple orchard to have a photoshoot like no other — actually, like many others.

What makes Solebury Orchards an annual destination for many Instagram enthusiasts?

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It could be that the same photos of people posing in fall sweaters have been a staple since the first generation of Instagram users.

Instagram is generally new; therefore, when the current generation downloaded the app, they looked up to their older siblings and friends who set the precedent of what’s accepted on Instagram.

Solebury Orchards has arisen to local stardom, garnering attention for the Instagram elite.

The popularity of the people who go to the orchard influences the number of people taking pictures there. Our generation is plagued with the desire to fit in. When photos from the farm are all we see on Instagram, we are swayed to conform to the status of what is expected of autumn in Bucks County.

Solebury Orchards is not the only case of seasonal, contagious trends on Instagram.

Sunflower field photoshoots replace the apple orchard during the summer months. This location has only been developed in the past couple of years by our generation, and from the lasting effect of Solebury Orchards on Instagram, the sunflower field will be on the next generation’s feeds.

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The presence of Solebury Orchards and sunflower fields on Instagram shows that the command of societal conformity to repeat the same photos every year is stifling individuality on the app. While Solebury Orchards and the sunflower field are not the problem sources, they are ever-growing examples.