Donating Hair

If you have lots of hair and want to cut it, donate! Sending your hair to a charity helps those in need of a wig. For many, it is a confidence boost.

In the South community, students, like Mike Svecharny, and adults, like Mr. Testa, alike have donated their hair to charities to help others with hair loss. They both agree that donating their hair is a great way to give back.

Mr. Testa, who has donated about seven or eight times, says donating is a “different way of giving back.” A lot of people give clothes or money to those in need. Giving a part of you away to someone that needs it more is a beautiful way of expressing your care.

Donating your hair is a little frightening in the “how it will look” department, but not complicated at all! Plus, you’ll be so happy with why you did it after it is all done!

To donate your hair you need at least ten to twelve inches of hair to cut. Then you can send it to a charity of your choice like Locks of Love, or Wigs for Kids.

After you send in your hair, you will receive an email saying that your charity has received your donation and you will make a person in need very happy!

Besides, in the words of junior Mike Svecharny, “If you are going to grow your hair out, why would you cut it and waste it?”