Holiday Gift Guide


Photo Courtesy Bella and Darcy

Looking for holiday gift ideas? Check out this guide. Remember, though, that the holidays are not about what you buy but about the thought and the memories you create.

For Kids:

Buying gifts for anyone can be hard, but it’s especially so for kids because you never know what they like. But have no fear, here are some no-fail, genderless gifts for any kid on your list:

Ages 1-3:

Since they are so young, anything that will engage them and occupy them again and again is good. For this age group, think bubbles or Play-Doh, which are good as inexpensive gifts. If you’re willing to spend a little bit more, an activity table (one with things to press, sounds, lights, and colors) by a brand like Playskool or FisherPrice is a gift that toddlers will want to play with for hours.

Ages 4-7:

These kids are active and always on the go, so for inexpensive gifts think of fun things they can play with outside, like recess balls or sidewalk chalk. For a little more of an expensive gift, I would recommend a LeapPad. It’s a kid-friendly electronic tablet that is durable, cheaper, and offers mainly fun and educational games that kids will love to play and learn with.

Ages 8-12:

This is the age group that is often the hardest to buy for, and in this day and age all they want are electronics that are usually really expensive. So ditch the iPad, but still get them the gifts they want. For this age it’s all about knowing the kid(s) you’re buying for. Artsy? Get them craft supplies. Sporty? Get them sports equipment or a scooter/bike. Creative? Get them Legos. But with the winter weather quickly approaching, a fun idea for a gift for this group would be a sled. Whether it’s inflatable or plastic, this gift is cheap, fun to open, and a lot of fun to use on a snowy day.

For Teenagers:

Teen Girls:

  • Starbucks gift card: What girl doesn’t like a latte?
  • Amazon gift card: Amazon has a wide selection of just about anything, and if the girl you’re buying a gift for likes to read, she can easily buy books for her Kindle. This is also a good gift if you don’t know the person that well or if she is just hard to find gifts for.
  • Stereotypical girl stuff like makeup, nail polish, or hair things
    • Easy to obtain and not overly expensive (depends on the brand, but many are inexpensive)
    • Anything from Bath and Body Works or along those lines (creams, body gel, body mist)
    • Candles: every girl loves candles, especially the holiday scented ones

Teen Guys:

  • ITunes gift card: most guys are found listening to their headphones, so this would be a perfect gift for them. Plus, you can buy one almost anywhere.
  • Amazon gift card: Amazon has everything and this would be a good gift if he likes to read or has a Kindle
  • A hat of some sort: it sounds kind of random, but you can play around with what type of hat you buy for him.
    • Ball cap with his favorite sports team or college
    • A winter hat
    • Or if he hunts, maybe a hunting cap

Some Fun Gag Gifts:

  • An ugly sweater
  • A mistletoe head band
  • Classic surprise can – when they open it something jumps out at them
  • For a simple trick, place a small gift inside many boxes or, to be really tricky, coal!

For that Special Someone:

For her:

  • Tree jewelry stand
  • Gloves or scarf
  • Jewelry, like Giles and Brother Hook Bracelet
  • Chocolate and book or movie
  • Perfume, body mist, and lotion

For him:

  • Hat
  • Cologne
  • Book or movie
  • Game
  • Fun shirt or jacket
  • Earphones
  • Wallet

Inexpensive Gifts:

During the holiday season, inexpensive gifts are often needed for Pollyannas or as something to distribute to all your friends. Here are some great gift ideas for those who want to give something special on a budget:

  • $10-15 gift cards make great gifts that are not for any specific person
  • Chocolate or candy makes a great small gift to distribute to friends.
  • Funky, crazy versions of everyday things make great gifts for friends and Pollyannas. Things like colorful, interesting pens and notebooks, or even socks!
  • For girls, small bottles of perfume or lotion could make a great Pollyanna gift.