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Tyrese Maxey: The Rising Star of the Philadelphia 76ers


When any Philadelphia sports fan hears the name “Tyrese Maxey,” the first words that come to their mind are “energetic,” “fast,” “enthusiastic.” It is impossible to not think highly of Tyrese Maxey, especially since he always has a wide grin on his face and looks eager to play the game he loves. 

In the regular season, Tyrese Maxey certainly put in the work, averaging 20.3 points per game, which is pretty great for a player who isn’t even the main star, like Joel Embiid.  

In the regular season, Joel Embiid was injured, which meant it was time for the next best player to step up on the court: Tyrese. The record wasn’t as great during the regular season without Joel, but it’s still extremely difficult for Tyrese to take full control and win every single game.

Once Embiid came back at the end of the regular season, he was able to guarantee a spot in the play-in tournament. Luckily, the 76ers were able to get the win against the Miami Heat to advance to the first round of the 2024 NBA playoffs. 

Whether it was in press or sports show broadcasts, Tyrese’s name was always brought up when talking about the Sixers’ postseason and how he was going to impact the team. 

During the postseason, Tyrese was awarded the 2023-24 NBA’s most improved player award. This only caused more buzz around Tyrese’s name; sports broadcasters everywhere could not keep his name out of their mouths – in the best way possible, of course.

The Sixers began the postseason against the New York Knicks with a “healthy” Joel Embiid and eager Tyrese Maxey. Tyrese certainly did not fail the expectations people had for him in the 2024 playoffs. He averaged 29.8 points, 6.8 points, and 5.2 rebounds, which was a steady increase compared to his regular season stats. In game 5, Maxey scored a whopping 46 points and helped the team attain a much-needed victory to “save the season.”

While the Sixers may have lost to a brutal game 6 against the Knicks, Tyrese still put in every last bit of his effort, along with the rest of the team of course, but Tyrese seemed extra willing to bring his team to the second round. 

While Philadelphia sports fans were absolutely pained by this harsh loss, Tyrese Maxey’s remarkable effort was praised.

There was not one game in the series where Tyrese did not give his all. Not only do his statistics demonstrate the hard work he dedicates, but his evident eagerness also shows his desire to do his best. Coach Nick Nurse has talked of the hard work and practice he puts in every day, and it is apparent that his most improved player award was well deserved considering his increased performance throughout the playoffs.  

Once the Sixers were eliminated, Tyrese later received the 2023-24 NBA sportsmanship award. Not only is Maxey a phenomenal player, but he is also a genuine person who plays fairly and cares about his teammates. 

Tyrese Maxey has made a tremendous mark on the Philadelphia 76ers team. His exceeding effort and sportsmanship have helped lead the 76ers and make them a stronger team. While they may have been eliminated from the playoffs, Tyrese and the rest of the team gave it their all, and let’s be honest, the Sixers don’t have a great reputation of making it past the second round anyways. 

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