Tips on Eating Well During the Holidays

So, Halloween has passed, the candy and treats have been consumed, and everything seems sluggish.

And still, there are more holidays to look forward to and more food to eat and enjoy.

However, some people are not as excited about eating delicious foods during the holidays: people on diets.

Most dieting people refuse to eat certain foods (meat, dairy, carbohydrates) or choose to consume less food in general.

They also may or may not be continually exercising to burn those calories off. They might be consuming fewer calories for several reasons, but their one goal is identical: to be healthier.

Sure, it is good not to eat particular foods, but where is that line drawn?

The body needs a variety of nutrients to survive. It is not healthy to take out certain foods from meals just because they’re deemed “bad.” 

Excluding healthy nutrients can only prevent the body from receiving all the essential elements it needs to function.

 For example, if a person takes out all carbohydrates from their regular diets, the body will then have less energy to burn off throughout the day. That person will also feel more tired or experience fatigue easily.

 The reduction of food goes for any diet that takes out a particular variety of food.

It does not help that social media gives people a misleading view of “dieting.”

 Influencers are seen going to the gym, eating salads every day, and having fun.

It will not be fun to stay healthy all the time and to diet every day. There will be days where it feels like the world will end, and eating a pint of ice cream seems like the only solution to life’s problems.

Speaking of problems, especially since COVID-19 arrived, countless people have been doing quite the opposite of dieting. 

People have been cooped up in their homes and are consuming more junk food than usual to help them cope with the pandemic; it provides a sense of comfort for them.

It is essential to be aware of the different kinds of food a person puts into their body based on how active they are.

A very sedentary person should eat less than a person who works out every day, and vice versa. That is why it is also crucial to exercise regularly.

After much research (and some personal experience), I have discovered the best type of diet to take on. It is not even a diet, more of a change of lifestyle

That change is to eat only natural foods. People can still eat whatever they want (to an extent, of course) so long that their consuming foods are not processed.

It is easier than sticking to a strict diet the body was never meant to achieve. 

Eating will also be more enjoyable and will feel more beneficial.

Eat well, eat smart, and still eat the guilty pleasure food/junk food occasionally.

So, when Thanksgiving and other holidays that involve big feasts come around, do not hold back.

Enjoy yourself with the people you love. It is okay to eat what you want. 

There should be no guilt in consuming the foods you love to eat. Just remember to stick to a healthy lifestyle as much as possible.