How Long Does Your New Year’s Resolution REALLY last?

Ashley Corso, Assistant Editor

As the New Year rolls around, many people find themselves striving for new goals with their new expectations. Whether it be losing weight, cultivating finances, or improving relationships, something about flipping a page on the calendar is a fresh breath for some… but how long do these “new goals” really last? 

Junior Annie Gentile said that her New Year’s resolution was “to save [her] money and find something that makes [her] happier.”  

“It’s like when I go to a workout class…for the first two weeks of January, it’s filled with newcomers because everyone wants to lose weight, but the class numbers start dropping off after about two weeks, because people find it hard to keep stamina for their resolution,” Annie said.  

Annie agrees that New Year’s resolutions last for a short duration for the month of January, but what is stopping people from striving for their goals 365 days of the year? 

“People find closure in saying goodbye to the old year and a better them for the new one,” Annie said. “I don’t know what the difference is between December 31 and January 1, but something is said to feel like a new year is time for a happier, healthier and better you.”

Making a list of goals to accomplish is easy, but maintaining the motivation is where New Year’s resolutions fail.  

Getting in shape and staying healthy is a goal for almost everyone, but waking up before work at six in the morning every day is where the motivation trails off.

Saving up money and improving finances sounds easy, but when the swipe of a credit card is now an option instead of handing over hard-earned cash, swiping becomes easier.  

Improvement is only accomplished when motivation is upheld.

New Years is a good time to start somewhere for new goals, but sustaining the extra work that goes into accomplishing those dreams manifests achievement.