Five Reasons to Fall in Love With Fall

When the summer’s heat seizes from beating against your skinand the temperature drops twenty degrees, autumns reignbegins to strengthenWhether it may be the crisp air, the softness of your favorite oversized sweater, or the crunching of apricot colored leaves beneath your feet, autumn will always be deemed a season of being able to do the most entertaining activitiescompared to others. These are five things that will make you “fall” in love with autumn.  

The sweet and sour taste of shiny red and green apples are an all-time favorite fruit for most people during the fall. What better way to acquire them other than picking them freshly from an orchard? The Solebury Orchards are luckily open most days of the week from 9AM-6PMlocated on 3325 Creamery Rd, New Hope, PA 18938. Make sure to bring many friends. The more apples, the more pies you can bake! 

But speaking of apples, there are many ways to use them besides taking a bite from one. For example, baking apple pies! The aroma of it baking in the oven, the crunch of the crustand the warm apples oozing out from the sides definitely would put anyone in a fall mood. But if you’re not as baking savvy and know how to make one, it’s okay. A recipe I recommend is from a website called Taste of Home. You can check out the recipe here: 

When describing fall, making decorations for Halloween is certainly a must when it comes to being festive. Halloween is basically the poster child of fall holidays because everyone can celebrate it! DIYing is an excellent way to spend time during the fall, especially with friends. A couple of ideas would be to make skull paper garlands, carving pumpkins, and making enough cute bowls to store candy in, of course. 

Taking in the cool breezes, the deteriorating trees, and breathtaking scenery can surely be relaxing as school starts to getharder. The more homework and tests, the more stress will begin to arise. Taking nature walks can be soothing, and can clear anything negative on your mind that’s holding you down. An example of a beautiful and local place to walk around is Peace Valley Park in Doylestown.  

When the air starts to become colder at night, there’s nothing beating you and your friends circled around a big toasty bonfire, roasting marshmallows for gooey smores and sipping on hot chocolate from cute mugs. Telling scary stories forHalloween (or funny stories, if you’re a wimp), cozying up near the fire in sweaters and most importantly having a good time.  

Autumn can be an eventful season and is full of many more things to do that arent mentioned in this article, but the most entertaining activities are the ones that put your creativity to work. What’s your favorite thing to do during the fall? Comment below!