Student Spotlight: Nick Lawson

In Pennsylvania, there is a town known as Warrington, and in this town lies a school by the name of CB South. Various children go to this school from many different walks of life. One such student is sophomore Nick Lawson. I sat down with Nick to partake in a chat, hoping to have some light shed on this person in the process.

I began by asking Nick how his year had been, wherein he told me that, “It’s been pretty good. I’m in a top notch school you know.” I did know this for a fact, as we happen to go to the same exact school.

Wanting to really delve into the recesses of Nick’s character, I pried a bit and inquired whether there were any particular moments that stand out among the rest. Nick immediately perked up at the asking of the question telling me how “the best moment so far, definitely, has been Black and Blue Night.” However, he wasn’t done with his reminiscing, as he quipped about how he “face planted in front of the gym.”

Clearly this event excited Nick, so I attempted to continue his discussion of the aforementioned face plant. I asked him whether he thought that event essentially summarized his own life, to which he readily agreed: “Yes… to a degree.”

But I didn’t only want to know about what this lad was like in school; I sought to truly understand the enigma that was Nick Lawson. In my quest for knowledge, I asked him what he did outside of school, in his day to day life, to which he told me about his ventures on the World Wide Web by way of Youtube. He excitedly told me about how “it’s fun to be able to create your own content.” His eyes dimmed slightly as he remembered another part of his life: “I have to work on  the weekends.” But he had a salary, so “it’s not that bad.”

Seeing the final stretch approaching, I decided to get back on the topic of school in order to round out this interview right. In my asking of his favorite class, he quickly told me, “Latin, it helped me with both English and Spanish.” I was struck momentarily by this answer, as Nick cannot speak any Spanish, but I was brought back to reality as Nick serenaded me with his Latin, saying, “Canis est in via.” This seemingly exotic phrase actually means “the dog is in the street,” which is a pretty random and meaningless thing to say.

I wanted to ask Nick one last thing before we departed. I asked where Nick saw himself a year from now, wherein he told me that he would keep “improving, ya know, keep on [his] grind.” I didn’t understand what that phrase meant, but I let him continue, listening to his goals to “keep pursuing [his] ambitions.” Nick ended by expressing his hope that he’ll “still be the cool guy [he is] today, which is a highly debatable statement.”

I thanked him for his time, to which he offered me one final piece of knowledge to keep near my heart. He told me to “just remember” and then seemingly struggled in thought for a minute while puzzling over what to say before finally telling me in a rush of confidence that “a Benny saved is a Benny earned.” A fitting way to end a truly mesmerizing interview.