Restaurant Review: The Turning Point

Restaurant Review: The Turning Point

Walking into the breakfast, brunch and lunch restaurant, the atmosphere was very crowded around 11 in the morning.

Waiting for a table takes a long amount of time. They do not take any reservations ahead of time from the day before, but they do accept calls the morning of the day of your visit to reserve a table for a group. Without making this reservation, you are almost guaranteed to wait at least 15-30 minutes.

Once waiting, it feels like a lot more time than it actually is because of the crowd of people also waiting in the small space for their table too.

However, the restaurant itself has the colors and visual appearance that is pleasing to the eye. The walls are a calming green that are covered with aesthetically pleasing photos, art, and quotes that seem to be strategically placed because of the equal separation between each piece of work.

Along with the soothing green color and the various wall art, the restaurant includes a wood floor and plants surrounding the white windows showing the nice surroundings of Valley Square.

Overall, the atmosphere is very clean and well put together despite the large groups of people waiting by the front door. It really gives the customer a café or diner type of feel.

Once called by an employee that your table is ready, you are seated quickly and are given menus and told the specials the restaurant is offering.

If the customers are ready, the waiter or waitress takes their drink orders. The time it takes to return back with the drink orders is more than it should be, but they help fix that time issue by coming around with water refills throughout your visit.

After given drinks, the waiter or waitress will take the customer’s meal order. Like the drink wait time, the food will take a longer amount of time, possibly around 10-15 minutes. The waitress of our table arrived back with a missing meal and had to be reminded that we were still missing it.  

To start out with drinks, everyone is given a large glass of water with a choice of lemon or no lemon. The customer then orders another drink of their choice. This restaurant carries various types of beverages, such as teas, smoothies, coffees, and hot chocolates.

The Reese’s hot chocolate was very sweet and delicious. People would enjoy this if they enjoy the mix of chocolate and peanut butter. I would recommend that the drink would include more of the Reese’s because of the lack of peanut butter taste. This type of hot chocolate costs $3.25 which is a good price for a large mug of a filling drink.

For a meal, the Western Omelette was a perfect combination of diced ham, fresh peppers, red onions, and cheddar and jack cheese. The omelette was supposed to include the cheese mixed throughout the omelette, but I found myself only picking from one side because that was where most of the cheese was. Besides the lack of cheese throughout the omelette, you could taste all the fillings within it. The Western Omelette costs $8.25, which is a decent price for a large portion.

The wait time for the check was about 5- 10 minutes, but after that the customer is free to return back to their car which should be self-parked in the Valley Square parking lot.

Overall, the experience at The Turning Point restaurant was okay service, well put together food, and a four-star rating of five.