Playa Bowls Review


If you are looking for a refreshing and healthy option for your next meal, go to Playa Bowls in Warrington. Located in Valley Square, Playa Bowls is an easy and convenient option when you are craving good food but want to eat a nutritious meal. 

Playa Bowls is open from 11am-7pm on Mondays through Saturdays and 11am-6pm on Sunday. They serve a wide variety of smoothie bowls, smoothies, juices, coffee, and poke bowls, although they are most famously known for their acai bowls. Acai is one of the many bases that they sell including pitaya, coconut, green, banana, chia, and oatmeal. In each base Playa Bowls has multiple options of bowls you can order with different sauces, fruit, and other toppings. Some toppings include Nutella, honey, peanut butter, granola, and coconut flakes. Some fruit they have are kiwis, mango, bananas, pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries. You can mix and match these options and bases to create your perfect bowl.

Although the bowls look small, they are very filling coming in with about 700 calories per bowl. The most popular item is the Nutella Bowl which contains an acai base, granola, strawberries, bananas, a Nutella drizzle, and coconut flakes. The cold and creamy acai base is the perfect amount of sweet where you can finish the whole bowl without getting a toothache. Playa Bowls buys its acai exclusively from Brazil, so you can’t get that same feel anywhere else. It leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth when paired with the crunchy granola. This granola doesn’t stick together in clumps like other ones you find at the grocery store. It includes small, dried blueberries. The fruit is a hit or miss. When they put out a fresh batch you will find that its juicy and perfectly ripe but other times you will be given fruit that has been out the whole day. The Nutella is a fan favorite because of its creamy texture and glossy look. To top it off the coconut adds the last element to blend all the ingredients together.

The price though is shocking to some. The bowls range from 12-14 dollars and can be even more expensive if you add on extra toppings. For many people this could buy two meals. For the amount of food, it might not be worth it to some, but the demand for these bowls allows Playa to keep these prices. 

Service at playa bowls depends on the time and day you come. On weekday evenings there is usually little to no line. The workers are friendly and patient when you are ordering. The longer wait is for the bowls themselves. It usually takes 10 minutes for it to be prepared because there are not many workers during that time. People assume it would be quicker since they are just assembling ingredients and they do not have to be cooked or baked. But if a bowl is taking too long, they will give you a free Playa Bowl card that you can redeem on your next visit. Overall, the service at playa is pretty good and the ambiance is even better.

Their store gives the perfect beach feel. They have many different seating options from high tables to individual chairs, to regular wood tables. The space is very open, the walls are a beautiful blue, pictures are hung on the walls, and they even have merchandise available for purchase. 

Rating: A-