The Guide to Senior Year

Senior year is a big year. It’s filled with excitement, but also some stress. Here are all the things you need to survive senior year.  

One of the most important things to do senior year is to save money! There are college applications to play for, senior prom, senior week, and many more expenses of senior year. 

A smart move to make is to get a job. Even if you only work a minimum of two days a week, you’re still earning money. Your parents’ money doesn’t grow on trees, believe it or not. Your parents will get tired of lending you money for sitting around doing nothing, and senior year isn’t cheap.  

As fun as senior year can be, college applications can be time consuming and stressful, so start as early as possible! 

If you wait until mid-school year to start applying you will feel rushed. The common application website is a great place to start. 

Most schools do accept the common application, so starting it as soon as the school year starts is the best way to go.

A lot of schools require teacher recommendations, and it takes teachers some time to write a letter. Ask your teachers as soon as possible because it benefits everybody. 

Every senior looks forward to late arrival and early release, but I would suggest to take advantage of that. 

You don’t always have to sleep in until 8:00 or leave school to go take a nap or play on your phone. Some days get to school at the normal 7:25, or if you have early release stay in school until 2:30. 

You can go to the library to work on college materials, or even just do your homework.

After you graduate in June you most likely won’t see more than half of the people in your grade ever again, so definitely do not get caught up in drama. 

Avoid gossiping about who did this and who did that. If it doesn’t involve you, who cares!?  Mind your own business and keep all mean or negative thoughts inside your head no matter how badly you would like to voice your opinion (it will be worth it in the end). Simply ignore other people trying to cause fights with you. It is the last year you get to make memories with all your friends, so don’t waste time on people trying to create bad ones. 

Senior is your last everything. Last football game, last prom, and your last year! So get involved and make this year count! 

CB South has many fun events to offer. Black and Blue Night, Coaches vs. Cancer, sporting events, dances, and this year’s brand new Mini Thon.

Nobody is “too cool” to participate any of these. Go to prom and dance all night with your friends. Go to Black and Blue Night and fight for your color.

Take the opportunity to make memories with your peers and friends while you can. The countdown to graduation has begun.

Before you know it, you will be throwing your cap in the air and high school will be over.

You only get one senior year, so make these last days count!