Homecoming: Planned to Perfection

     It’s close to that time of year for the Titans to show what they’re made of and pump up their school spirit.  

     The student council has been planning this week since last year, thinking of ways to raise money and to build enthusiasm.  Student council is the student-driven force that prepares for all of this year’s upcoming events at CB South.  The teachers that help with student council tend to deal with the finances of each event, as that is something that would be harder for the students in the organization to do.

     Before homecoming, CB South has its annual spirit week to amplify their school spirit throughout the area; the themes are decided by the senior student council.  This year’s themes will be PJ day on Monday, Tourist Tuesday, Elementary/ Middle School Wednesday, 80’s Thursday and lastly (and highest in spirit of all) Black, White and Blue Day.  

     After this week comes Homecoming weekend. Friday is the homecoming game, and Saturday is the dance for all to celebrate.

     On Friday October 21, during school, there will be a pep rally at the start of Titan Forum to let the Titans show their school spirit and participate in fun games and contests.  

     That same Friday night, CB South will have its homecoming game versus Pennridge High School.

     “This year’s team is shaping up to be pretty good.”  Mr. London, 11th grade class advisor, said.  He is very hopeful for the game’s outcome and the prevailing of the football team to win the game.  The new stadium will give South’s Titans a sense of pride, Mr. London added.

     During the game, the announcement of homecoming king and queen will be revealed.  

     Homecoming court is decided during the first week of October; the people in senior Titan Forum must be nominated or they can nominate themselves.  There is an election held for all students to vote on who will be king and queen of homecoming.  Voting takes place in Titan Forums; students may go online to Sign Up Genius where they can vote for who they want to win.

     October 22 is the homecoming dance, which will be held in the cafeteria starting at 7 pm. 

     Tickets for the dance will be ten dollars.  Students can either get them online at mypaymentsplus.com or in the cafeteria where they are being sold during lunch on certain days.

     The student council put together ideas to raise money and to form committees to help with the dance.  Committees for homecoming will meet during October to go over the decorations, music, and to design posters to get students to attend.  There is no official sign up to be in the decorating committee but volunteers can come in from noon to 4 pm to help with preparation like food and decorations.   

     Fundraising comes from the Titan Council.  The money was saved from the previous year which the sophomore titan council benefit from.  Over the next year the sophomore council holds fundraisers to pay back the Titan Council the money that they had borrowed.

     Don’t forget about the music! The DJ from last year is coming back to swing the latest hits on the radio.  There will be a song request list up on a website which students will be able to find on the TV’s in their classroom, on the CB South website, or on posters that will be all over the school hallways.

     Students will come to the dance in semi-formal attire. Boys will retire their sneakers and jeans for a dress shirt and tie. Girls will turn in their sundresses for an elegant ensemble.  They will brave the October chill to come in for a night of dancing and fun.

     “I think that homecoming allows us to get together, more like a school and less like kids who know each other,” said CB South junior Amber Palm.

     Don’t forget to bring a friend or a date.  If a student would like to bring someone from outside of South, they can go to their house office, to fill out a guest from.  “Most of the time, it is approved by the office,” Mr. London concluded.

     Mr. London has a positive outlook on this year’s homecoming event.  He believes that school spirit has been building at a speedy rate which is what CB South is all about.

     Will you be coming to this year’s Homecoming dance? If you need more information, go to the CB South homepage and all the guidelines and payment information you need will be right on the front page. Hope to see you there!