Why Can’t We Keep Our New Year’s Resolutions?

Erin Burchell

The ball drops, the cheers ring out, and you have to put down that last slice of cake. The new year means new diets, ways of living, and fitness routines. But do any of us really want to keep up with those new fad diets or even get a gym membership?

New year’s resolutions mean commitment, and oftentimes that’s something that we can keep up for the first month or two of the new year. However, statistics show that over eighty percent of new year’s resolutions become failures.

The reason behind this is because people really don’t consider their commitment in the new year until the new year has already started. Here are a few tips for making your new year’s resolution a reality:

  1. Get your diet foods before the actual new year.

This is an easy one. The logic behind this is that when the new year does come around, you won’t be tempted by the yummy foods left over from the big night. In the first few days of January you won’t have an excuse not to eat the way you wanted to when you made your resolution.

2. Get your gym membership before the New Year actually begins.

It sounds scary, but you don’t actually go to the gym over the holiday break. However, if you want to get fit in the new year you’re going to have to use that membership you have at some point.

3. Plan your new routines.

On average it takes three weeks to get into a new routine, which means that won’t even take the full length of January for you to get your resolution show on the road.

4. Late is better than never.

After the new year’s rolls around and you haven’t started your routine or diet, it isn’t too late. You have a whole year to get to where you want to be, and you’ll be happier if you start late than if you never start at all.

So don’t fret about this new year because if things don’t go as planned, there is always next year.


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