Channeling Your Inner Glen Coco: Interact Candy Grams

It’s that time of year again, when the snow falls, the Christmas songs are on every station, and Mean Girls appears one too many times on TV. Why? Because it’s the holiday season, a time filled with seasonal celebrations and giving back to those who matter most.

Interact knows all about giving back. This community service club annually sells candy grams, using the money to purchase gloves for each child at the Sheppard School. Though this may seem like a daunting task, the club succeeds in doing so year after year.

This year was no exception, as the club raised more than ever, selling 612 candy grams at $0.50 each, therefore raising over $300 for Sheppard. The money raised was able to buy the 250 pairs of gloves necessary for the children, as well a number of winter hats.

One of the reasons for the exceptional sales this year could have been due in part to increased promotion–on Titan TV segments, posters, and before and after school sales. The club thanks all of the students for its continued support of Candy Grams and the Sheppard School.

Until next year for Candy Grams South, but Interact is thankful that each one of the children at Sheppard will be warm this season. You go Glen Coco, and you go CB South!