Hit the Slopes with South’s Ski Club

It’s that time of year again.  With holiday tunes on almost every radio station and the scent of gingerbread in the frigid air, winter is almost here.  While many bundle by the fire and stay in when snow falls, there is a group of South students who do just the opposite.  South’s Ski Club braces the cold and snow to ski or ride some of Pennsylvania’s best powder.

Beginning on Friday, January 8, Ski Club will venture to Camelback Mountain to ride the trails under the night lights. They will make the trip up four more times this season: Friday, January 15; Friday, January 29; Wednesday, February 3; and Friday, February 12.  (These dates are subject to change on account of the weather.)

Whether you’re a beginner who has never looked at a pair of skis before or are the next Shaun White, this club is for you.  Members also have the option to rent their equipment at the mountain, so you don’t need to own a shiny new pair of your own.

Unfortunately it’s too late to sign up this year, but all the sophomores and juniors out there have a chance next year to be a part of this exciting club.  Can’t wait to hear about all of your winter adventures!