Titan Tips: A Titan-ic Mess

Becky Caimi, Staff Writer

Problem: Recently, I’ve had an extremely hard time adjusting to my new classes. Between homework, tests, quizzes, work, and keeping a social life, it’s become an overload of work and I’ve become completely disorganized. I’m horrible with keeping myself organized in the first place, but I’m trying my best to keep myself together this year. How can I become more organized and stay on top of my game?

Please help!

-A Titan-ic Mess


Dear Titan-ic Mess,

One of the hardest adjustments from summer to back-to-school is organization and time management. We go from being mindless and carefree in the summer, to being responsible and organized (hopefully) once the seasons change and school starts up again. But life can’t be all play and no work, so now it’s time to re-adjust your mindset.

One way that you can become more organized is to purge through your old work spaces. Find a quiet spot, like a desk in your room, to avoid distractions from others. If you still have papers from last year, place them in a folder and hide them in your closet; they aren’t going to do you much good sitting around and clogging up your homework place. Make room in your desk so that there is a spot that is only for this year’s papers. Organize these papers into different folders: one for each block. Talk to your teachers about when a great time would be to clean out your binder/folder for that class, and place the old papers in that drawer in your desk; that way you’ll have them if you need them, but they won’t be clogging up your binders or folders.

Also, make your desk a place where you actually want to be. If you surround yourself with pictures of you and your friends, your favorite cup of coffee or tea, and a small snack, you’ll much rather want to sit down at your desk and get your work done than if you were just sitting on your couch. You’ll also be able to keep your focus stronger, too, if you are not surrounded by other distractions, like the TV, phone, or even family members. Keep your desk clean, spacious, and (most importantly) ORGANIZED. Take a moment at least once a week to do a full desk cleaning to ensure that you have the space that you need to actually get your work done.

Finally, know your schedule like the back of your hand. Basically every phone out there now has a calendar feature; use it. Write down any and all dates that may be important, including due-dates of assignments and tests, days that you work, and your friends’ birthdays. (Especially write down your friends’ birthdays!) Try to find at least one night a week that you are free from work that you’ll be able to go out and visit your friends. And once you get home from school, do your homework right away. Don’t waste time sitting around on the couch watching TV when you can just finish your homework and have the rest of the night to yourself.

Remember that if anything becomes too overwhelming during any of your classes, talk to your teachers. They cannot help you if you don’t address the problem. Don’t be afraid to reach out of your comfort zone; it will help you out in the end. Ask friends, family, or teachers for help when you need it!

Good luck and keep organized!