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The Online Student Newspaper of Central Bucks High School South

Titan Tribune

The Online Student Newspaper of Central Bucks High School South

Titan Tribune

The Online Student Newspaper of Central Bucks High School South

Titan Tribune

CB South’s Graduation is Right Around the Corner


Walking across the stage, a student reflects on all she’s done through the last 12 years. She looks out to the crowd and sees her best friends and her peers, remembering every memory with them. As she receives this important certificate, she realizes this is it: the end of her childhood, the end of her high school journey, and the beginning of the rest of her life. 

The bittersweet moment of graduation for Central Bucks High School South will occur on Thursday June 13, 2024 in the Titan Stadium at 4:15, with a rain date of Friday June 14. 

If held outside, senior students are able to bring unlimited guests to graduation. However, when inside, it is limited to two tickets per student with Live recording in classrooms and auditorium. 

Before a senior can walk, they must complete any Success Plans on Naviance, including the Graduation Survey, pass all classes, and clear any obligations, including returning library books and paying fees or fines. 

The graduation time is decided by the school board as they must coordinate getting the superintendent and other school board members to each Central Bucks High School graduation. “The superintendent gives out diplomas and/or shakes hands with each student from each school,” said Mrs. Barrett, a school counselor from South. 

If requested by many, student voices can make an alteration to graduation. Aadya Gattu, senior class president, said, “One year, students were able to get a different board member they agreed with more to shake hands with instead of the superintendent at that time, who was controversial.”

Coordination is a must when organizing graduation but so is help managing the day of.

“All hands are on deck” for organizing graduation, meaning school board members and all staff within South, said Mrs. Barrett. There are graduation meetings every week to discuss organization requirements. 

“Day of there is a ton of work to get done,” Mrs. Barrett said, including working with facilities to get decorations, organizing parking spaces, setting up stage and chairs, and getting GPA cords ready. 

Mrs. Barrett explained the process of GPA cords. “Senior teachers have to post grades by the morning of graduation, with Mrs. Ladley running GPA list and based off the GPA of students determines what cord they will get,” she said. “Titan Forum mentors will hand out everyone’s cord in the gym before walking out to the stadium. There is a cum laude cord, which is between 3.7-3.9, magna cum laude cord is 3.9-4.1, and summa cum laude is 4.1-5.0.”

At graduation, there are slots for speeches to be made by students with a slot for the Senior Class President or another officer, said Mrs. Barrett. Students can submit their speeches for a viewing and voting process from a panel, and then go through another round of presenting to a panel of school board officials for the final decision. 

In years past, the valedictorian was required to make a speech, but now the speech position is open to whoever from the senior class would like to speak to their peers. 

Seniors have begun to countdown towards this important event, committing to colleges, looking back on memories, finishing classes, and getting prepared to leave. 

Senior students: Madison Landis, Kelly Salvatore, Prima Rao, and Aadya Gattu, look back on their South memories and talk about their favorites. Madison loved the football games while Prima will never forget Senior Sunrise, and Kelly and Aadya’s favorite memories were coming together as a grade or getting closer with friends. 

“It’s the small stuff,” Aadya said. “How this grade is interconnected and randomly comes together over fun events” will be something she will look back to in the future.

Some are more ready than others. However, Aadya Gattu, who has attended past graduations, has said no matter how ready someone is to leave “they’ll still feel it at graduation” because “it’s different experiencing it” than just thinking about it. 

Senior student, Madison Landis, who is attending Penn State University with a science major, said, “It’s time. I’m excited and ready to move on.” 

Senior Kelly Salvatore, majoring in English at Elizabethtown College, feels a little differently, saying, “It’s exciting but sad,” she said. “It’ll be the end of everything here. This year has brought many first and lasts.”

Prima Rao, senior student attending Rowan University for medical program, said “Meeting new people, starting fresh in a new environment, and living on my own” is what she’s most excited about next year. However, she said she’ll miss her “laundry machine.”

“It’s going to be hard to leave PA and the whole community I’ve built here, but I’m sure I can build up another community in North Carolina,” said Aadya, who is attending University of North Carolina Chapel Hill with a major in political science. “I’m excited to explore and make it just as home-y.” 

Everyone is going their own way with their own things to look forward to and miss, but it is likely that most will experience that bittersweet feel of graduation on June 13. 

As the girl walks off the stage, diploma in hand, she’s grateful for her time at South, filled with memories and friends made. She’s nervous to leave the place that’s been a home her whole life, but she’s overwhelmed with excitement and hope for the future, the future that she’ll make her own.

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