Girls Lacrosse 2021

After a season apart, the girl’s lacrosse team at Central Bucks High School South ended this year’s season, second in the league. Co-captains

Bridget Curtis and Janessa Watson both said that their best game this past season was their win against Pennsbury High School. (Pennsbury ended their season first in the league; their only loss against South, losing the game 14-11.) Senior Varsity starter, Janessa Watson said “I think that the best game was against Pennsbury, the number one team in the league that we beat.”

During the game against Pennsbury High School, Senior Varsity starter Bridget Curtis assisted four goals and Senior Varsity starter Janessa Watson assisted with four goals and scored an additional four goals.

Varsity starter, Freshman Brooke Cenci says the highlight’s of her season were “Scoring my first varsity goal against Great Valley… [and] also beating West and East”

The Varsity team did phenomenal, ending their season with 8 wins and 2 losses and second in the league.

Janessa Watson (mid), Bridget Curtis (mid), Grace Gannon (mid), Teagan Mullen (attack), Kate Victor (attack), and Brooke Cenci (attack) led offense. Brynn O’Donnell (defense), Emalee Day (defense), Anna Shirly (defense), and Gabby Mayo (goalie) led the defense on this year’s varsity team.

Just as good, Coach Hetrick said the Junior Varsity season was great, ending their season  with 9 wins and 7 losses. “We had 11 different girls score goals and our goalie did really well as a first-year player of this sport,” she said.

Junior Varsity starter, Sophomore Lauren Michener, says that the highlight of her season was when she scored five goals in one game, “which was exhilarating, and I was super proud of myself.”

Both the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams at Central Bucks High School South beat rivals Central Bucks High School East and Central Bucks High School West.

Before the games, all the girls had different routines before entering the field. Bridget Curtis likes to get sugared up. “I’d always try and drink grape mio to hype me up before the game and scream loud as I could during shuttles to get my teammates ready for the game.”

“Most of the girls drank sugary drinks and seltzers to get us pumped up while listening to music to get us ready to play,” says Janessa Watson.

“Before every game, I made sure to stretch as much as possible,” goalie Gabby Mayo says, “I did virtual school this year, so any break I got during the day I would be stretching a little bit.”

Not only does Janessa Watson believe that their team had a strong bond, but co-captain Bridget Curtis said that something they did this season differently was playing as more of a family rather than just a team. “People should know that our team was so bonded, and it was heartbreaking for our last game.”

“It was just a really good team to be a part of. All of the girls were really nice and inclusive of me, especially since I am a freshman,” says Varsity starter, Freshman Brooke Cenci.

By being bonded as a family, it will be a heartbreaking goodbye when the five seniors leave South and attend college next Fall. Seniors, Janessa Watson, Bridget Curtis, Maddy Connell, Emily Klunk, and Brynn O’Donnell will be missed greatly missed next season.

“We look to be strong next year, although we graduated a very solid senior class,” say Coach Hetrick.

The girls and coaches are excited to see what next years season has to hold.

“I already can’t wait for next year,” Brooke Cenci says, “I’m really looking forward to it and playing with a lot of the same players. I think we have the chance to have another very successful season.”

Gabby Mayo says, “I think the team had a really great season, and I’m excited to have another one next year!”

After a phenomenal season in 2021, the CB South girls lacrosse team is looking forward to another phenomenal season in 2022.