CB South’s Sheppard’s Project

Over the holidays most people are looking to receive gift, but for the 30 members of the Sheppard’s club giving was much more important. 

These students worked to bring holiday spirit to the less fortunate kids through Sheppard, a school in Philadelphia. This year the Sheppard’s club collected about 500 gifts for the kids who attend Sheppard! Unfortunately, due to Covid, the kids were not able to receive the gifts last year.

CB South’s Mr. London who runs the Sheppard’s club says, “I am so proud of all the students who contributed this year because they did not know much at all about it because the club wasn’t running last year but they still came together to help those who needed it most.” 

Mr. London says it’s important that they chose this school again this year because they had worked with them for over ten years, and they want to continue the strong relationship they have. 

The 30 students who signed up for the Shepard’s club helped out in many ways. The first is creating many posters which were “detailed, and very organized which [was] very time consuming,” says Jake Smith, a student member of the Shepard’s club. They hung the posters though out the building to get kids to understand how they could help out. 

Another point emphasized by Mr. London was that although those 30 kids in the club really helped out, it was also the rest of the student body who helped give by helping reach about 500 gifts total for the school. 

The students in the club also attended numerous meetings in order to make sure this day for the kids in Philly was a success.

For the next year, Mr. London believes that the club could do even more to help out, so he encourages many people to sign up.

If you are interested in the club, please email [email protected]