Tribune’s Way of Halloween!


With all the chaos going on in the world, nights like Halloween allow us something to look forward to. As Covid-19 has reshaped how we socialize, celebrate, and merely interact with one another, Halloween has been stamped with a question mark on what it will look like this year. 

Our Tribune staff decided to share what they will be doing this Halloween to stay safe and still enjoy their Halloween:

Hi C.B South! 

For Halloween, I’m planning to do a bonfire with some friends. Please stay safe and have fun!

-Norah Harris

All I’m doing this Halloween is getting together with a few friends, watching some horror movies, and just chilling. I’m not a big Halloween guy, so I like to keep it lowkey. I do love candy, though, so I’ll be eating a lot of that; I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, if you know what I’m saying.  

-Evan Ahuja

Happy Halloween, South! 

This Halloween, I will be participating in an Athletes-Helping-Athletes “Trunk or Treat” at Archbishop Wood.

 At night, I will be having a bonfire with friends and family, watching Halloween movies, and snacking on smores and candy. 

Stay safe & spooky! 

-Ashley Corso

On Halloween, my friend and I are going to watch scary movies and eat lots of candy. We won’t meet in a large group because of social distancing, but that doesn’t mean Halloween has to be any less fun!

-Ananya Siragavarapu

I’m mostly home this Halloween. I may hand out some candy, but this year would be an excellent year for Halloween; it is even on a Saturday. But, it’ll be a good weekend, a nice day to spend with the family and relax at home. I think Halloween sets off the holiday season of November and December, and for me, I’m excited for some snow and winter times.

-Uday Mittal

This year is distinctive in many ways; for instance, we can’t go to the grocery store, school, or anywhere in public without a mask and social distancing. 

Since March, we’ve gotten ourselves adjusted to these guidelines, but how do they affect holidays? Halloween is coming up this weekend, and it’s going to look different. 

I am not going out and trick-or-treating for this Halloween. I plan to stay home and hand out candy (with a mask and while socially distanced, of course). Since I’m probably not going to be dressing up, I’m focusing all my energy on finding an adorable costume for my dog, Lexie! 

She’s going to be coming to the door when I hand out candy, so she needs to be festive. I’m thinking she’s going to be a sushi dog or maybe another animal—who knows? 

With all the craziness that 2020 had brought, it will reassure Halloween to be a constant. 

-Chakrika Aluri 

This Halloween is undoubtedly like no other. Being that Covid-19 is still very prominent, our options on how to spend Halloween are minimal. This year, a couple of friends and I are having a bonfire and making smores, it will be all outside, and we will not be inside together. We all must try and stay as safe as possible this Halloween, and remember that you can have fun with your friends and follow Covid-19 guidelines at the same time! 

-Macie Mitnick

This Halloween, I will be staying home and watching A Nightmare on Elm Street. My film teacher (Dr. Lash) recommended it, so now I will be giving it a shot! It is a classic horror film to watch. I will also be baking chai tea cupcakes for the fall flavor. It’s a very casual way to spend Halloween at home, but I will eat lots of candy/cake and have lots of fun.

-Allison Shin

This year, I will be getting together with a few of my friends and having a socially distanced horror movie marathon for Halloween. We haven’t picked out which movies we’re going to watch yet, but I’m hoping to put on Train to Busan or Silence of the Lambs. I’m also looking forward to the week after Halloween when all the special Halloween candy at CVS goes on clearance sale. 

-Holly Mirales

Despite the uncertain circumstances we are currently facing, I still hope to make the best of my Halloween! I plan to binge horror movies with my family, the experience complete with the making and eating delicious Halloween treats. I am also looking forward to handing out candy to any trick-or-treaters who may stop by, implementing the appropriate social distancing and safety guidelines. Although Halloween may look a little different this year, I am so excited to celebrate this spooky and fun holiday!

-Diya Hundiwala 

This year, Halloween is looking different for everyone; COVID-19 has created a new environment where we all must find new ways to celebrate. Although I will not be trick-or-treating, a couple of my friends and I are going to the pumpkin patch at Hellerick’s Family Farm to pick pumpkins, which we will later carve. Later in the day, we will wear our costumes, bake and decorate Halloween-themed treats, and watch scary movies. Even during these strange times, it is still possible to find ways to celebrate Halloween in a fun and safe way!

-Sophia Perdoncin

Under the unfortunate circumstances of Covid, we all have to make sure we’re staying safe and healthy while enjoying our Halloween. This years’ circumstances means no big parties or face-to-face trick or treating. This Halloween, I am going to meet up with my friend group of five (all of whom are Covid-free and have been social distancing), dress up in cheap homemade costumes, bake prepackaged ghost cookies from the Giant, and have a Halloween movie marathon (Halloweentown, Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline: all the classics). The festivities may not be as elaborate as in previous years, but we still want to enjoy our holiday with time with friends and family.

-Lynn Choi


This year, I will be staying at home and most likely handing out candy – socially distanced and masked, of course! I will not go out due to the pandemic, but I will be hanging out with my family and relaxing on Halloween. Falling on a Saturday, I will be staying up later on Halloween as well. Stay safe, and have fun!

Jonathan Sim