A Letter from the Editor — Open Your Eyes

Sophia Wang, Editor-in-Chief

Suddenly, you open your eyes.

The world stops spinning for a fraction of a second.

You rub the sleep from your eyes, flex your fingers, marvel at the beauty frozen around you.

2017 has been shaping up to be a year full of challenges.

You turn on the television and watch the news. You crack open the textbook and numb your brain. You chew on the cookie and sigh at its immediate comfort.

When the year seems to be ticking down, although it has just begun, pausing for a brief moment to reflect can be a sweet escape from the insane fast pace of life.

Remind yourself to savor every second that passes by. Only you have the power to shape everyday into a reflection of the future you hope to earn.

Whether it be through academics, art, or sports, every person excels in a certain endeavor that seems to make the world around them more beautiful.

Pursue your passions. Find ways to enrich and embolden both your life and the lives around you.

Refuse to grow numb to the beauty you are so lovingly immersed in.

Whisper goodbye to the melting snow of winters past.

Vow to live brighter, fiercer, and braver under the blossoming promises of springtime.

Embrace the sun on your face. Relinquish the fears that used to grip your heart. Have faith in the unbroken dreams of tomorrow.

Open your eyes to the opportunities that surround you everyday.

Open your eyes to the blessings you carry in your palm.

Open you eyes to the wonders of your soul.