Brianna Bannach, Staff Writer

The Environmental Club is participating in a national competition called Envirothon this spring. Envirothon is a team competition about nature.

Students study for months to prepare for a specific environmental topic. Each of the four to five students on a team will prepare for one of five test topics: Aquatics, Wildlife, Forestry, Soils, and a mystery topic that is revealed later in the year.

Envirothon will be held in a local nature center or park one day in May. One of the club leaders, Katie Toner, said, “We, of course, get out of school that day which is fun since it’s spring.”

So as the weather starts to get warmer and senioritis starts to set in, students participating in this competition will be hitting the books to learn some more about their topics. Their hard work is not for nothing, as they are rewarded with a day out of school.

It is definitely worth their time; they also get a pizza lunch and to listen to an interesting guest speaker.  The top three teams are awarded “cool prizes” according to Katie Toner, and they even get the chance to move on to regionals.

Of course, the biggest incentive to study hard is the scholarship and prize money teams can receive the further they advance in the competition.

No matter how they place, they will take away the invaluable knowledge they gained from preparing for this competition.

For more information about Envirothon, check out the website.