A Letter from the Editors — New Year, New You

I’ve been a senior for over a month now, and I still have a hard time adjusting to being in the oldest grade level in the school. For years, I was able to rely on those in the grades above me to guide me, to mentor me, and to help me get through the general stress of high school. As a senior, I have become the one who is offering pieces of advice to sophomores and juniors, and I realize that my time at CB South will be coming to a close in less than a year.

But let’s not talk about the close of the year so soon; we still have so much time ahead of us to really make a difference at South. It’s still the beginning of the year, and students need to grab the chance to make this year the best one yet. Many clubs are open to new members throughout the year, so it’s never too late to join a new club or take up a new interest. However, one thing that I would advise to South students is “depth not breadth.” Students should find the things they are interested in and really commit to them; they shouldn’t join a bunch of clubs just so they can put it on their college applications.

I urge sophomores and juniors to really think about what their passions are. Make a list of ten things that you like to do, and narrow it down until you have the top three things that are most important to you. Once you know what these passions are, get involved! If South doesn’t already have a club for your interest, look into creating one for others who may share that same passion. If you really do love whatever it is, your enthusiasm will definitely be contagious.

One last thing–take time for self reflection every day. No matter how much homework you have, no matter how many tests you need to study for, no matter what activities you have that day, make sure that you take at least five minutes a day to reflect on yourself. It can be anything–what you accomplished, what you wish you accomplished, what made you happy. And the more you understand yourself, the more you will be able to learn how you can best serve and inspire your community.