Never Trust Grandma: The Visit Review

The writer and director of the iconic film Sixth Sense, M. Night Shyamalan, brings you The Visit, a movie about a family who doesn’t  believe anything is wrong, but turns out there is an element of horror tearing the family apart–very original, obviously.

It starts off with fairly normal children who desperately try to represent the younger generation with horrific experiences.  Watch them conquer the struggle of not having Wi-Fi or not being able to text at their grandparents’ house.

It was a subtle way to appeal to the youth of this age, especially the little brother who generously showcased his “rapping skills.”

The children soon discover that their grandmother crawls around the house at night, and the grandfather tries to act unsuspicious about his actions in the most suspicious ways possible.

Even though this is highly unusual and things begin to escalate quickly, the children constantly remind themselves that these activities are normal for old people, because it’s usual for all grandparents to ask their grandchildren to step inside the oven to clean it.  Yeah, that’s normal.

The plot twist towards the end of the film was shocking, and audible gasps could be heard in the audience when it is revealed.  This scene was the highlight of The Visit and drew in the audience’s attention even more.

The ending of the children’s stay at the grandparents’ house was wild and would have concluded the movie in a great way, until it continued with another few minutes that were completely irrelevant.

Overall, The Visit was an entertaining film, but with a weak ending that should have not been included.