Chinese Honor Society


The Chinese Honor Society has a lot of fun exploring different aspects of Chinese culture.

Joy Zhao, Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to explore an exotic Asian culture? Learn a popular language that will lead you to the bustling streets of Shanghai or the calm country-side of Sichuan? The beautiful language of Chinese is slowly becoming more applicable and popular around the world.

Just a few months ago, CB South formed the Chinese Honors Society, completing South’s list of all language honor societies. To take part in this society, CHS encourages students to enroll in CB South’s Chinese courses.

Students participating in CHS will get a taste of China’s diversity during the monthly meetings, run by Mrs. Fedun, South’s new Chinese teacher. Within the society, meetings consist of eating delectable treats from different provincial heritages to enjoying traditional leisure activities according to the holidays. CHS aims to make each Chinese tradition and holiday as authentic as possible and to bring unique culture to South’s community.

For any future events or activities, please come support the CB South Chinese Honors Society! 加油加油!