A Letter from the Editors — Halfway There

Half a year. From the end of the summer sun to the introduction of the fall breeze to the onset of the winter frost, half a year has already come and gone. It only has been half a year, but at the same time, it already has been half a year.

What has happened in half a year? A lot.

You may have become distant with old friends you thought you had an unbreakable bond with; you may have gained new friends unexpectedly. You may have experienced bitter and tragic hardships; you may have experienced pure and raw happiness.

However, it is important to look ahead of us, not just behind us. While the first half of the year has been a series of ups and downs to say the least, the only thing left for us from the first half the year is the ability to move forward towards the second half of the year.

Now is not the time to regret past decisions. Now is not the time to dwell on broken promises. Now means now.

With the ringing in of 2015 and the beginning of a new semester, now is the time to take action.

No longer will you remain passive. No longer do you need to be reluctant. You don’t have to wait for it to come.

It’s already there; you must find your way to it.

Give up on waiting and the false hopes of a tomorrow. There will always be a tomorrow and another excuse if you don’t begin with a today.

With the winter slump, morale is lower than ever, but it is important to remember that you will eventually find a higher ground than before. The discouragement you feel will only last temporarily, while the encouragement you will gain will last permanently.

The key to breaking through this slump of slushed snow and slurred sentiment? Yourself.

There is no one else with the same capability to motivate you as yourself. You don’t need to rely on other people to make you feel some type of way. If you want to be happy, choose to be happy. If you want to be successful, choose to be successful. Choose by making the decisions that are needed to get you to where you want to be.

You can control your body and mind, and it is your responsibility to do so. The thing about true motivation is that the only one who can give it to you, is you. It needs to be genuine.

You have to feel and know and live what you want.

And if you don’t know for sure? No problem.

Explore what is out there. Try new things. Close your eyes, open your heart, and take the risks. Without any risk, there can be no gain.

But whatever happens, remember that out of all the different people, out of the different places, you are who you are and where you are for a reason.

Only you can decide what you want and when you want it. And there is no time like now.

So as the ending of winter frost brings upon a beginning of spring dew, look ahead, and whatever you do, don’t look back.

It’s been half a year, but there is always more to come.