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Senior Prom

Casey Wood, Editor-in-Chief

May 21, 2019

Senior Prom was two weeks ago, but it feels like yesterday. Seniors enjoyed a night full of dancing, taking pictures, and hanging out with their friends for their final prom, followed by a fun prom weekend. If you're still sad that prom is over, relive the night through pictures! And congratulations...

A Custodian’s Point of View

A Custodian’s Point of View

Ashley Corso, Staff Writer

May 5, 2019

Senior prank day--the era that all upperclassman desire. With every year and every prank, comes prestigious thought and specific planning. This moment is the one time that seniors get to make their final mark on the school which they will soon leave forever.   Every person, time, and detail is p...

Swimming Scholers: Taking over C.B. South Lane by Lane

Hannah Feldman, Assistant Editor

May 2, 2019

Sisters Heidi and Haley Scholer have been swimming for most of their lives and have now attacked the high school swimming world with speed that can only be compared to that of a killer whale.   “We were taking swim lessons, it was three people and I remember our coach asking us the question ‘who is the king of the seas?’ and I answered, ‘killer whale,’” said Haley....

A Student’s Guide to AP Courses

A Student’s Guide to AP Courses

Alexis Massaro, Staff Writer

May 1, 2019

As young, eager eighth-graders transform through warm, summer days into daunting high school freshmen, one thing remains the same: their desire to excel in school. Most high school students crave to succeed in all of their courses. Graduating from high school, and doing so with an impressive academic ...

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