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November Music Favorites

(From left to right) Melanie Martinez, HAIM, and Halsey. Photo via Flickr by DeShaun Craddock, Nan Palmero, and Justin Higuchi under Creative Commons license

Emily Nardo, Staff Writer

November 30, 2015

**Please note this music is not for everyone, these are just songs I have been playing nonstop this month! “My Song 5” by HAIM “The Wire” by HAIM “Gasoline” by Halsey “Coming Down” by Halsey “Young God” by Halsey (as you can tell, I love Halsey) “Hurricane”...

2015 Homecoming Review

Sophia Wang, Staff Writer

November 25, 2015

Homecoming evokes memories of school spirit, gatherings, and fun all wrapped in a cozy autumn blanket. Spirit Week 2015 was one of CB South's most memorable yet. On "America Monday," students arrived decked out in red, white, and blue socks, facepaint, and clothing. "90s Tuesday" transformed Sout...

Senior Spectator Night

Lauren Fleming, Staff Writer and Editor

November 25, 2015

There is little else that encapsulates the high school experience more than bracing the cold to scream for your football team on a Friday night under the lights. For seniors, there is one night in particular that sums up the experience of being a Titan. The weekend of October 16-18 was a huge weekend...

Is Black Friday Worth Your Time?

Christina Katehis, Staff Writer

November 24, 2015

As Thanksgiving festivities approach, most shop-a-holics are anticipating their favorite holiday of the year: Black Friday. After we eat our fill on Thursday, almost everyone looks forward to the sale signs and clearance racks that would otherwise be full price. It’s also a good time to get a head...

Qualifying Affirmative Action

Valeria Lopez, Contributing Writer

November 5, 2015

It’s fall, and seniors around the nation and globe are applying to their top schools. But with the significant competitiveness found in students, it is inevitable for this process to turn divisive. As students wait for their acceptance letters into their favorite campuses, they also become curi...

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