Is Black Friday Worth Your Time?

As Thanksgiving festivities approach, most shop-a-holics are anticipating their favorite holiday of the year: Black Friday. After we eat our fill on Thursday, almost everyone looks forward to the sale signs and clearance racks that would otherwise be full price. It’s also a good time to get a head start on your extensive holiday gift list. Would you rather spend $100 on a perfume or $60? The decision is not that hard; however, there are certain pros and cons of Black Friday.

Pro/Con: Sales. Almost every single store you go into, you are almost guaranteed that you have a sale. Some stores can be a little tricky though. Junior Abby Lee said, “Sometimes there’s a real big disappointment when I walk into a store and the sales are just average ‘buy one get one 40% off.’” We hear you Abby. However, Junior Alexis McConomy said, “The sales are good; I use Black Friday as a way to find good deals on Christmas gifts.”

Con: Crazy Mobs. We have all opened the news on the day after Black Friday and seen some story about a crazy mob of shoppers brazen for sales. Junior Jaclyn Schneider said, “They make good snapchat stories (lol) but are way too crazy, and thankfully I’ve never been a part of one.” Good thing, as they look like a gift-laden nightmare.

Pro: Fun Time. Even though it can get a little out of hand, Black Friday can be really fun sometimes. Junior Cassidy Cimino said Black Friday is “so much fun” even with some of the cons. Alexis agreed, “I enjoy Black Friday a lot because I love the crowds of people even if I’m not interested in buying anything. Just the general excitement and craziness is fun.”

Con (that people don’t seem to mind): Long Lines. We’ve all seen the terror of the long lines for the cash register, and the heartbreak that comes along after witnessing it because you found something you want to buy but don’t want to stand in that line. Cassidy said, “The long lines are insanity, but I love every second of it.” If you have patience and really like what you have in hand, go for it.

Pro/Con: Lack/Too Much of Holiday Spirit. Black Friday basically takes Christmas and pounds it into your face. Some people absolutely love it. Alexis said, “I love how malls have their Christmas decorations up and Christmas music playing. It helps me get into the holiday spirit.” What about poor Thanksgiving though? Schneider said that Black Friday “takes away from Thanksgiving, and defeats the purpose of being thankful.”

The verdict on Black Friday? Depends on what kind of person you are. If you love Christmas, don’t mind getting up early and losing your personal sense of space, you might enjoy it. If you go one year and the mobs are intimidating and the sales are subpar, we understand why you might not go next year. Either way, be safe on Black Friday, buy some gifts if you want, and enjoy the holiday season.