2015 Homecoming Review

Homecoming evokes memories of school spirit, gatherings, and fun all wrapped in a cozy autumn blanket.

Spirit Week 2015 was one of CB South’s most memorable yet. On “America Monday,” students arrived decked out in red, white, and blue socks, facepaint, and clothing. “90s Tuesday” transformed South into the set of Clueless, high-waisted mom jeans, plaid flannels, and uber-high side ponytails taking the hallways by storm. “Wacky Wednesday” saw everything from mismatched shoes to students who got lost on their way to Jersey Shore, opting to wear swimming gear over their daily wear. Everyone broke out the leis and tacky sandals for “Tropical Thursday.” Who knew so many Titans secretly had Hawaiian shirts in their closets? On Friday, South certainly wasn’t “black”-ing school spirit; in fact, everyone “blue” us away for the Black vs. Blue theme. Not to mention, the majority of the school was awake during fourth period because there was a pep rally! The swishing of Nick McGee’s beastly-impressive basketball shot, choreography from the Dance Team that made spectators question their lives, and heart-rousing renditions performed by the Marching Titans brought the community to its feet.

And, of course, what is an article about high school without a mention of young love? The Homecoming Dance featured cute couples with coordinated clothing, spiffy packs of smiley friends, and teachers looking amused as they were brought back to their own high school days. Strobe lights swept the dance floor and the huge crowd of dancing teens jumped up and down to the beat of the bass. The Titans held nothing back, replacing the daily grind of cafeteria tables with smiles, swag, and sparkles. At 10:30, the carriage turned back into a pumpkin and students braved chilly October winds to drive safely back home. After the school spirit that everyone emanated during the Homecoming Dance, it was a great night for both couches and Netflix across the district.

Although Homecoming Week 2015 has come to a close, no one will forget the memories they made and the times they shared. Opinions range from an exuberant, “It was so awesome, can’t wait for next year!” to a dry “‘Come to Homecoming,’ they said. ‘It’ll be fun,’ they said.” When surveyed about their favorite parts of Homecoming Week, most Titans answered the crowning of Homecoming Court, the win at Friday’s football game, and getting ready for the Homecoming Dance. One thing is a consensus for sure: Homecoming Week certainly “Titan”-ed up the CB South fam!