Do You Want to Build a Snowman?: A Review of Frozen


photo via Walt Disney Studios under Creative Commons license

Frozen! It may sound cheesy, but Frozen is a truly heartwarming movie.   It is a great movie for the youngest member of the family as well as for the oldest.

The animation was amazing on the big screen.  It is such a high quality film, it feels like you are in a winter wonderland while watching.  The visual effects are of a standard not seen in many new animations.

Kristen Bell was spot on as the voice of Anna, and Idina Menzel was amazing as the voice of Elsa.  They both grabbed the audience’s attention from the very start of the movie.

“Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” is one of the most sung songs of this winter, especially with this weather we had. It is one of the many enchanting songs from Frozen.

The whole story is well orchestrated.  There are many parts that could have become serious or somber, but the writers always threw in a laugh.

One character that was a center for comedy was Olaf, the talking snowman.  He was always dreaming of summer, not knowing what it was.  The characters all grew and developed, making it entertaining for all ages.  Anna and Elsa’s relationship is so atypical, yet most siblings can relate to the lengths they go for each other.

Frozen has all the aspects of a classic Disney movie —  princesses, princes, and castles —  but it is totally unique in its entirety. Disney has outdone itself.

Five stars for the Oscar winning animated movie Frozen!

Just remember, “The heart is not so easily changed. But the head can be persuaded.”