Week 8 Eagles


ESPN Source: https://www.espn.com/nfl/boxscore/_/gameId/401326441

The Eagles decimated the Detroit Lions in Motor City. The Eagles won 44-6 in a surprising game where
they seemed to solve two of their previous predominant problems—running the ball and blitzing. We watched the Eagles defense allow pass after pass last week playing a soft zone scheme. Still, against the Lions, they dialed up blitzes in crucial situations and played aggressively. A lot of young players stepped up and had huge roles in stopping the Lions offense. TJ Edwards was effective in run-stuffing, and Deandre Swift (Lions Running Back) had his worst game of the year so far. Pretty hard feat considering his talent and our run defense. This win shows that Gannon is adjusting, playing more man and allowing his corners to be 1 on 1, leaving more help in the box to tackle running backs quickly. For that, you have to have good corners.
These corners (Darius, Steven, Avonte) are the best this team has had in a while. Darius Slay is having an excellent year so far and is ranked in the top 10 for cornerbacks. Avonte Maddox has been key in this defense in the slot—he has successfully bottlenecked the middle of the field, making the pressure to get to quarterbacks. His play last year was a career-low, being forced to play outside when he belongs in the slot. He seems comfortable in Gannon’s system and has improved this season. Steven Nelson is solid, but I often see him get burnt numerous times; however, it is generally the other team’s best receiver, like Tyreek Hill in the Chiefs game.
The Eagles had 6 sacks. The Lion’s offensive line was as effective as a paper towel drying up the ocean. Almost every play, there was pressure, and 6 times there were sacks-always in key moments. That last part shows that Gannon knows when to blitz and when to not. He surprisingly blitzed on 3rd down, something he hasn’t done much this year. This put Jared Goff under pressure on almost every key conversion, and it worked— the Lions were 5/14 on 3rd down conversions!
The Eagles ran the ball a total of 46 times for 236 yards and 4 touchdowns. The offense was efficient and quick on drives, scoring all four times they were in the red zone. Boston Scott started the first few drives, and Jordan Howard rotated in on some 3rd down situations, mainly as a bruiser when needed. Kenneth Gainwell didn’t see many carries until the fourth quarter, when a majority of the starters were rested.
Nick Sirianni listened. Listening is a vital attribute of a head coach. No matter whom you defeat, you can see the changes; the Eagles won by setting the momentum. Every drive was about 10 plays, with mainly runs and just using the clock and running backs effectively. They averaged 5.1 yards a carry and were able to march down the field at will—something we saw other teams do against the Eagles.
Jalen Hurts only attempted 14 passes in a game where scoring wasn’t needed late. He didn’t play the fourth quarter and didn’t score any touchdowns. This game was good for Jalen because the offense relied mainly on him as the team didn’t run the ball before, and the opposing team noticed and made his job harder. Spreading the ball around with Boston Scott and Jordan Howard made Jalen’s job easier. He averaged 7.1 yards per pass and completed 9 passes. Most of his passes went to Goedert, who was getting open fairly consistently, a good sign.
No matter who you are, versing putting up 44 points means something. The Lions may be a bad team, but Nick Sirianni won this game in the meeting room. The adjustments were visible, and the team played better as a result.

Eagles Fantasy Predictions Week 9
Jalen Hurts did not have a good fantasy game last week, scoring 11.22 points. Though the Eagles had a big win against the Lions, all the touchdowns came from the running backs rushing the ball into the end zone, so Hurts did not have any passing touchdowns. If the Eagles play similarly to how they played against the Lions, then I can see Hurts getting around 15-18 points next week.
Devonta Smith had a terrible fantasy game last week, scoring only 2.5 points. Only having 3 targets for 1 reception and 15 yards, Smith was not implemented into last week’s game. However, last week’s game was very run heavy, and I expect them to dial it down for next week. So, I can see Smith getting 10-12 points next week.
Dallas Goedert had another good game this week, scoring 13.2 points. With Zach Ertz now on the Cardinals, I can see Goedert’s points being more consistent. I see Goedert getting 12-14 points next week.
The Eagles running backs last week had their best game this year, scoring a total of 34.8 points last week. Boston Scott had 18 points, Jordan Howard had 17.7, and Kenneth Gainwell had 2.7. Boston Scott had most of the playing time compared to the other two running backs making him the starter and the best fantasy pickup. If we play like we did last week then I can see Scott getting 15-17 points, Howard getting 12-14 points, and Gainwell getting 4-6 points.

Expectations for Week 9: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Los Angeles Chargers:
Whether you are an optimist or a pessimist, 44 points mean something. Wins in this league are hard to come by. A 44-6 shutdown by the Eagles is the exact thing that the Eagles could need against the Chargers. Believe it or not, the Eagles are still in the run for the seventh seed in the NFC. That is something that Eagles fans can be excited about.
The Eagles come back to the Linc with a showdown with the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers, 4-3 at the end of week 8, lost to the New England Patriots last Sunday, barely losing by 3 points.
Chargers have great players on both the offense and the defense. Players like Austin Eckler can change
the game direction, and players like Joey Bosa can change the game script for the Eagles Offense. The Chargers offense was going back and forth with the Patriots Offense.
The Chargers played a good game, but at the end of the day, the Patriots were able to put the game away with an extra field goal. In all honesty, the game should have been 24-17, but the chargers were able to make a 24-yard touchdown pass from Justin Herbert to Josh Palmer. Basically, the Chargers put another 7 points on the board in garbage time.
The Eagles have to pull  a win in this one to remain relevant in playoff contention. We will not be eliminated per say, but a win is necessary to overtake the other 5 teams in the hunt for the NFC playoffs and the seventh seed (The Carolina Panthers).

I think that the Eagles will look at themselves and realize that they must change in order to go to the playoffs. The momentum that the Eagles carried through the Lions game should translate to this game. Momentum is vital, and with the strongest momentum going into another game this year, I believe that the Eagles will not disappoint. I think the Eagles will narrowly win versus the Chargers at home and continue to 4-5 in the year. I predict that the Eagles will win over the Chargers 24-21 on Sunday.