Eagles 2021 NFL Draft


 First, I want to start by saying, Howie should not be getting as much hate for this draft as he is. All in all, it was a good draft for the Eagles.

 At first, the big move down from pick 6 to pick 12 seemed like a bad idea, but it started to make sense, and this draft just confirmed it.

All fans wanted the Eagles to take Ja’marr Chase or Kyle Pitts with the sixth overall selection. However, during the draft, we saw both taken before six.

 So, the trade down to 12 got us a first-round pick for 2022 and kept us in range of drafting a skilled player. 

The draft board quickly went south during the draft as both corners the Eagles were eyeing were taken at 8 and 9. 

The Cowboys, sitting at pick 10, decided to trade down to pick 12 with us and allowed us to jump in front of the Giants, who sat at pick 11. With the 10th pick, the Eagles selected Devonta Smith. 

The Giants would’ve most likely drafted him, and so we jumped in front to take him, and honestly, this whole trade up/trade down move we made was excellent. We profited a first-round pick and still got the WR we would’ve most likely taken at 6.

Devonta Smith (WR) 

I think the selection of Smith will be a massive boost for our WR core. He may be light, but his shifty moves and good hands allow him to be a great receiver. He also plays physically and isn’t afraid of contact, so I don’t believe weight will be a huge issue. I can’t wait to see how he does!

Landon Dickerson (C)

Many fans were mad about this pick as they wanted the Eagles to address their LB/ CB issue in this round. However, in some ways drafting a center makes sense. Jason Kelce will most likely not return after 2021, and we need someone to be ready to take up that role. I am worried about his injuries. He has had ACL injuries and ankle injuries that ended his seasons before. But if you look at him beside the wounds and look at the stats and film, he was the #1 Center in college football. I hope he pans out.

Milton Williams (DT)

Again, another selection that angered many Eagle fans, but I believe it is too early to tell how this pans out. Our D-line may be great right now, but we know that it is aging, and if this team is looking to rebuild, they need to prepare to have younger players take over. I think a lot of these picks in the draft are future planning and not entirely addressing current issues.

Zech McPhearson (CB)

Finally! A CB. Zech McPhearson graduated early from Penn State and received his master’s at Virginia Tech. He seems to be an intelligent guy. He has played inside and outside. If he does start for the Eagles, he will most likely play outside, opposite of Darius Slay.

Kenneth Gainwell (RB) 

A STEAL AT 150. I know people think we have depth at running back, but Gainwell adds a whole new dimension to this offense. He is an outstanding receiving back and can even line up as a WR in the slot. With this new coaching staff, a receiving back makes sense. In the Colts system, they relied on players like Nyheim Hines to make catches from the backfield, and it seems that Coach Siriani has similar plans for the Eagles.

Marlon Tuipulotu (DT)

Dane Brugler ranked Marlon Tuipulotu as the third in defensive tackles – he was projected a second or third-round pick. Value-wise is a steal; it won’t start right away as we have an excellent d-line, but some more future planning from the Eagles.

Tarron Jackson (DE)

He was a force to mess with in college. He produced 188 tackles, 42 tackles for loss, 24.5 sacks, and six forced fumbles. He will be a good depth pick and could be in the rotations. Another future-planning pick by the Eagles.

Jacoby Stevens (LB)

Although he played safety at LSU, he will be playing LB with the Eagles. He also could be a strong hybrid and play special teams to start off his career. He has good blitzing ability and ball skills, according to scouts, and I think training camp and preseason games will outline his role this year, as there is a lot of competition for LB on this team.

Patrick Johnson (LB)

Another LB depth signing, I feel like we missed out on some linebackers in the second/third round, but I think with the linebackers we got from last year’s draft, and in free agency, we got to develop who we have first. Johnson is good in the running game and is a rush linebacker. He could improve in coverage, but time will tell his actual value.

Overall Draft Grade- B

I think this draft was a solid B. Some good picks and some depth picks, but a massive improvement to last year. I am looking forward to this season!