NFL Draft


It’s been a tough offseason.

Not even fully in the football realm. Believe it or not, everyone has to stay inside so they don’t spread a virus that has shut down entire economies.

If you happen to know me personally, I have had a worse offseason, specifically in the football realm. And believe me it hurt.

What happened? Glad you asked.

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski left for Tampa and all my Patriots got in return was a 4th round pick… which we had to give a 7th rounder to get. I’m in Spain, but the s is silent.

Nonetheless, the NFL Draft came upon us football fans over the course of three days. Your Eagles drafted at 21 and my Pats… didn’t have a first round pick because we traded down. Man I love being a Pats fan! Enough complaining though. This isn’t about me so I’ll be serious from now on. 

The NFL Draft was fully virtual this year, due to COVID-19, and in case you forgot, they reminded you every chance they got. Trade rumors were running rampid, with big names like Trent Williams, Jamal Adams, Alshon Jeffery, the Giants 4th overall pick, the Lions 3rd overall pick, etc. Only one of those got traded though, but we’ll get to that. 

The Cincinatti Bengals drafted first and the whole world knew who was going there, that being LSU QB Joe Burrow. I’m not going over every pick though so if you want that, go to please.

The first surprise came with the New York Giants drafting someone named Andrew Thomas out of Georgia, who was viewed as the 4th best offensive tackle in the draft. Not the 4th overall prospect… but the 4th best OT. Classic Giants.

The next surprise was the Jets not trading their pick to Philly like the rumors suggested. They also drafted an OT. The next pick was from the Las Vegas Raiders, who went with speedster Henry Ruggs III.

This year was seen as the deepest WR class in years, maybe ever.

Three picks later, Ruggs’ former teammate Jerry Jeudy went to Denver at 15. Now, Eagles fans everywhere were drooling as potentially the best WR in this deep classCeeDee Lamb, was still on the board with seemingly no team ahead of them in need of a WR.

However, Dallas was ahead of them, and as much as they should’ve taken the top safety, Xavier McKinney, they decided to snag CeeDee Lamb and crush their hopes. I laughed all the way up until pick 23, but we’re getting there.

No surprises up until pick 21. The Eagles are on the clock, LSU WR Justin Jefferson is still on the board, ASU WR Brandon Aiyuk is still on the board, and the Eagles select… Jalen Reagor out of TCU. Who? 

I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard.

Then two picks later my Pats traded down and I stopped laughing but still, very funny. Oh and lastly, the Green Bay Packers drafted a quarterback even though they made the NFC Championship last year and lost to Raheem Mostert (might wanna find guys to stop him instead Green Bay). 

In the later rounds, we saw Mr. Belichick draft a D2 safety named Kyle Dugger and the Eagles draft a QB when their starter is getting paid $100M to get injured every year and be the 2nd best QB in the division (yeah I said it come at me). 

The 49ers traded Marquise Goodwin to Philly and traded for Trent Williams in the wake of their long-time starter Joe Staley retiring. Enjoy retirement Joe! 

Writer’s Note: Finally, I hope everyone is doing well in these tough times. Everyone is going a little insane nowadays, so don’t feel alone. Just remember you won’t get this much free time for a long time. Make the most of it won’t ya? Catch up on some sleep, find a hobby, spend time with loved ones, DO YOUR SCHOOLWORK. And until next time, thanks for reading and if you haven’t yet, check out some more articles by me, then check out a few more that you’re interested in.