Ten More Netflix Shows to Watch


Here are 10 Netflix shows to binge watch during coronacation that isn’t The Office (because lets be real, we’ve all watched the show at least 5 times by now).

Naruto: 9 seasons

Watching Naruto is so addicting it’s not even funny.

This anime follows Naruto Uzumaki, a kid who wants to be a powerful ninja to get recognition from his peers and to also become hokage, the leader of the hidden leaf village.

Watch this series and follow Naruto and his teammates Sasuke and Sakura through their training, missions and adventures to become stronger and eventually full fledge ninjas. Naruto will stop at nothing to become hokage and to defeat every powerful enemy.

Highly recommend for both guys and girls! 


The Crown: 3 seasons

My history teacher Mrs. Nulty raves about this show all the time in class.

This show is about the journey of Queen Elizabeth II of England during the 1940’s through modern day England. Elizabeth must navigate through love, British politics, and being a successful ruler at the age of 25 right after her father George VI died.

This show is way more than just another history lesson. There’s politics, alliances, romance... everything a queen could possibly want. 


Jane the Virgin: 5 seasons

So, Jane Villanueva is pregnant. But that can’t be possible!

She swore herself to celibacy even to her own fiancé Michael. But it turns out the future baby’s dad is none other than the hot millionaire Raphael Solano who also happens to own the hotel she works at.

How awkward.

It was all from an accident at the doctors where the baby was actually supposed to go to Raphael’s wife. Poor Jane, who was trying to avoid this problem entirely. Filled with hilarious and loveable characters, intriguing plotlines, and an adorable baby, this show is a heart warmer and perfect for binging.  


Grey’s Anatomy: 15 seasons

Yeah, all the drama that goes on in this show is not accurate to a normal hospital in real life.

This show takes place at Seattle Grace Mercy West hospital and the lead heroine, Meredith Grey is the daughter of a super famous surgeon. She must navigate drama between her colleagues, friends, and a certain chief of surgeon Richard Webber whom she had a past relationship with. Not to mention getting ahead in her own career as a surgeon.

There’s way more drama, death, secrets, and relationships in this hospital compared to a normal one. 


Hunter x Hunter: 3 seasons on Netflix, 6 seasons total

Unsurprisingly, this show is actually becoming more and more popular.

This show follows the story of 12-year-old Gon, who wants to pass the Hunter Exam and become an official Hunter like his Dad who left him for the same profession. In this world, being a hunter means going on certain dangerous tasks, keeping peace for the world, and exploring new places.

Gon befriends doctor-in-training  Leorio, the last survivor of the Kurta clan, Kurapika, and a skillful ex-assassin, Killua. Gon and his friends go through many adventures and misadventures all with the goal to meet his dad. He will train hard to increase his power and fight for his friends and to defeat powerful eneimes.

This show is filled with lovable characters, amazing plotlines, great example of friendship, and no filler episodes. Highly recommend! 


The Flash: 5 seasons on Netflix, 6 seasons total

This show is about the investigator Barry Allen who loves to follow the new sciences, urban legends and finding out the truth about his mother’s death.

Unfortunately, Barry has an accident where lightning strikes him, and he later wakes up from a coma to find that he now has superhuman speed. And bam he’s the Flash: fastest man alive.

With the help of his friends and colleagues, Barry will continue to search about his mother while also stopping evil villains along the way. This show is great for anyone who likes superheroes, action, and the right amount of humor. 


Glee: 6 seasons

This show is filled with great music covers, acapella, crazy dance numbers, and a Mr. Shu who just wants to see his Glee club win nationals. It has its heartwarming moments and deals with teen issues that many high schoolers go through.

Of course, those moments are a bit dramatic and a bit over the top, but that is to be expected since it is a TV show. This show is great for anyone who loves old music, spontaneous song breaks, and lots of drama.  


Parks and Recreation: 7 seasons

Similar to The Office, this show also takes place at work- at an Indiana Parks and Recreation Department.

The main character, Leslie Knope, just wants to be successful and beautify her town. But she must deal with her quirky co-workers and colleagues, stuffy higher-ups, and selfish neighbors. The hilarious cast and all the funny unrealistic situations they stumble themselves into is hilarious.

This show is laugh out loud funny and a great watch for anyone who likes the Office and loves comedy.  


The Great British Baking show: 7 seasons

British Food competitions are not like American ones: the competitors are so nice and lovely to one another.

Each season, a new round of contestants will compete in making cakes, pastries, cookies and more sweets to see who the best is. Everyone makes the same type of dessert and the judges pick the best one.

This show is great to watch with a nice cup of tea and if you have a big sweet tooth. Warning: this show will make you crave food after watching.  


Sherlock Holmes: 4 seasons

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Sherlock and Watson = best combination.

This show is about Sherlock Holmes and John Watson… in modern day England. In this series, Sherlock is a consultant for Scotland Yard’s detective squad and Watson is a veteran from Afghanistan. The two meet when Watson becomes Sherlock’s new flat mate. The pair will go on to solve many mysteries and meet some very interesting people.

This show is very suspenseful and full of plot twists with brilliantly solved murders which will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.